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10 Winning Tips for Building Website That Brings Results

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Swati Sharma, writer by day and an avid reader by night. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the digital marketing and IT industry.

Have you decided to set up a new website? Cool. Just before you start, get 10 tips for building website, which will help you create a website that will really achieve the goal.

1. Define target audience and goal

To create a unique website, you must characterize your target audience, and define the purpose of the website.

Try to think: who is the target audience? What is he looking for? How does he get to the site? What drives him? What do you want him to do? This is how you will create an effective website that will actually do the job.

2. Have you defined a goal? Focus on that

Your website has one main purpose. Don’t spread out in areas that are not related to what you do.

So for example, an insurance company’s website should not give advice on advertising the business digitally. It’s just not relevant. The more focused you are, the more effective your website will be.

3. Try to pass the 3 second test

3 seconds, that’s the amount of time an average surfer spends on your website. After this time he will decide whether to continue scrolling, or to close the site.

You have to find a way to make him stay with you. A sharp message upon entering the site will make him continue on the site. A friendly and convenient interface will make him stay on the site and even return for another round.

4. “Mobile First” is not just a slogan

85% chance that you are reading this article on mobile. That’s how it is, today everyone is on a smartphone. Your website will also be opened mainly on mobile, so you must think about mobile design from the earliest stages.

How do you adapt a website to mobile?

Responsiveness – building website, which adjusts itself automatically.

No flash – do not use flash for a mobile site. This provides a poor user experience and hurts SEO. Instead of Flash, you can use HTML5.

Speed ​​- You should do everything to reduce the site loading time. Reduce image weights, upgrade storage, minimize server calls. Any action to speed up the site will be welcomed.

5. Put a lot of thought into choosing an ideal platform

Most websites are built using an existing platform, such as WordPress or Wix. On more complex sites it is necessary to use code. When you choose a platform for building website, you must take into account all the variables.

Promotion – promotion in search engines is a critical variable, as this is what will determine whether they will reach your site. It is important to make sure that you choose a convenient platform for promotion, and make sure to build according to the rules.

Design – there are management systems that do not allow almost any control over the design of the site. This is especially true for store sites that are built in a closed system. Be sure to choose a system that meets your design aspirations.

Management – the website builder will not stay with you forever. When the process is over, you will be left with a website that needs to be maintained. Choose a system that can be managed even by people who don’t understand code.

6. Don’t compromise on photos

Many website owners don’t realize how critical images are to their website. Even the most minimalist websites need good images to enhance them.

  • If it is a store website, you should use a professional photographer to take pictures of all your products.
  • If it is a corporate image website, it is useful to take a photographer to the field and take pictures of the team, the office and projects.
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to take photos, invest in photos from paid databases. This way you will get high-quality photos without fear of copyright.

7. Be consistent with the colors

One of the diseases of websites is dispersion in design. Like your logo, the website must also be based on one central color, and a secondary color that complements it. The chosen color will accompany the entire website, creating a distinct and pleasing brand.

8. Spacing makes light in the eyes and good in the heart

Website owners have a tendency to try to take advantage of the space. Insert more text, add an image, strengthen the message. But good sites are sites that maintain spacing.

The spacing allows the eyes to breathe, the gaze to focus and the surfer to like your website and feel good about it. So do yourself a favor, keep your profits.

9. Make the site personal

Many companies tend to emphasize their services, professionalism and experience. What are they forgetting? 

A potential customer who comes to your website wants to understand who you are. He is happy to hear that you are professional, or smart, but he wants to know who is responsible for this site. Know who he contacts in the end.

What to do? Be sure to display photos and names of real people from the organization on the website. The larger the organization, the more officials will need to be presented. At the same time, in many cases it is possible to be satisfied with the presentation of one or two people.

Try to think who will represent your organization in the best way in front of surfers. You can also add a list of key figures in the organization and an email address for direct contact.

10. Choose a web design company that suits you

There are lots of web design companies. They will show you a beautiful portfolio, an attractive offer and lots of style. When you approach choosing a company, choose the one that really suits you.

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