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11 Methods To Style The Kim Kardashian Bomber Shearling Leather Jacket In The Coming Year

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Kim Kardashian is an internet sensation and an influencer as well. Kim Kardashian is a model but started her career as a personal stylist of a known tv personality in 2003. In 2007, Kim and her family then participated in a reality show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The show lasted till 2021. In the present, she is a successful American socialite.

In today’s conversation, I will recommend you to buy a Kim Kardashian Bomber Shearling Leather Jacket. Also, I will share all the possible ways to style this shearling jacket according to different occasions. But before that, let us get to know a little bit about this multi-purpose jacket. It is an attractive jacket that comes in black color giving it an impactful look. I think that’s enough for now, let’s just jump into the styling discussion!

Styling Ideas

  1. Formal Look Attire

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, if you have maintained your body, then you can rock in any jacket! When I look at this single piece, I start having imaginations as if it’s winter and I am sitting under a cozy blanket. Taking sips of coffee or hot chocolate with a book in my hands to enjoy reading while staying warm wearing this shearling jacket. I want you to get a black turtleneck, also, grab shiny skin-fitting black jeans. Combine both of these pieces and nobody can stop you from rocking this formal look.

  1. Dinner Party Outfit

We all love to do dinner parties. In fact, we await for their invitation as not many invitations keep frequently coming to us. Until and unless there is some good news that people want to disclose in front of you.For such occasions, you can wear black cotton pants along with a black shirt inside the shearling jacket to look dominant.

  1. Outdoor Look

If you have planned to go on some road trip with your family or wife, but are confused about what to wear on such an occasion, then here we are to guide you completely.

The first thing you gotta do is to take out your ripped blue jeans from your closet. Then, pick up a dark blue shirt to wear inside the shearling jacket. For the footwear, go for army boots to complete your look! Or, you can also wear brown skinny jeans and gum shoes. We recommend these types of shoes to you for a specific reason. This is just to protect your feet in case you are to walk for a long time on your road trip.

  1. Baby Shower Outfit

Suppose someone has invited you to be at their baby shower ceremony. Thousands of ideas start coming to your mind, but you still can’t decide what to wear. Then this is something you should not bother about, as we are here to guide you correctly.

First of all, get a pink gathered skirt and wear it. Secondly, grab a blue peplum shirt and keep it aside for later. Now, it’s the time to choose the right type of footwear. We recommend you to get your hands on ballerina flats. The combination of all these pieces will come out to be very suitable for this type of event/occasion. You can also wear bow sandals to complete your look. So now you have two options of footwear to select from.

Additional Tip

You can also tie two ponytails to match your look with the event’s theme.

  1. Barbeque Party Look

We all love barbecues! Don’t we? Of course, we do! Let’s talk about what to wear to such a party if you are invited there. Well, there are many options which you can choose for the barbecue party. But here, we have brought to you the best of the best styling ideas to help you keep going. So let’s jump into it!

So the first thing you have to do is to pick up dark blue regular jeans along with a v-neck t-shirt which is meant to be worn inside the shearling jacket. Now get your hands on medium-length brown leather boots to finish your barbeque party look.

  1. The Cruise Styling

A cruise party is something we all crave for but rarely get invited to as it is something really expensive and special. But, suppose you have been invited to a cruise party, then what will you wear? No need to worry about that as we have come here to help you.

The first thing you will need to do is to grab a gypsy shirt of any bright color. Then, you will have to get your hands on the high-low blue skirt. In the end, wear ballerina flats to flaunt!

  1. The Funeral Occasion Look

We don’t want any of our loved ones to die, but still, we can’t prevent anyone from saying goodbye to this world. Still, people die as it is a natural phenomena. We can’t hold our loved ones with us forever. With that being said, let’s move to our styling method to wear on such sad occasions.You can wear black wrap or cowl skirt as the bottom-wear mixing it with black satin top to wear under the jacket. In the end, put on your leather shearling jacket to finish the look.

  1. The New Year Party

As we all know that the new year is coming and that means that we are going to attend multiple new year parties from different friend circles. But for that, we will have to first choose what outfit will be suitable for such a party.

Let me write down different combinations of clothing which will look good with our beautiful leather jacket. Here they are:

  1. You can wear a printed shirt along with mustard-colored pants. Get your hands on a pair of medium-length light brown boots.
  2. Another option to give you is to get a blue printed shirt, combine it with chic cowboy boots and it already seems very beautiful in my imagination. The last thing that you gotta do is to get your hands on a cream colored cotton pants.
  1. Fancy Dress Party Avatar

I know the title sounds a little weird as most of the times, it’s only children who have fancy dress parties. But it doesn’t mean that adults also don’t have such parties. They do it too, and in a very creative way that everyone compliments them. Want some really cool ideas to follow to attend such a party? Alright then let’s jump into the styling techniques.

Get red skinny jeans. Now pick up a blue colored button-up shirt and put both of these things aside for later. Now let’s discuss footwear. To make it easy for you, I have come up with multiple options to choose any one from. They are:

  1. Western shirt, Violet pegged pants and peep-toe shoes.
  2. Smoke shirt, black pegged pants and stiletto shoes.
  3. Red skinny cotton pants, smoke shirt and tractor platform.
  4. Blue turtle-neck shirt, green cotton pants and d’Orsay shoes.

Additional Tips

You can also try high-waist, Wrap or heired skirts by replacing pants from the above recommendations.

  1. The Halloween Party Costume

We all love halloween and wait for the whole year to celebrate it with different and unique styles. Halloween gives the freedom to every person to dress even in the weirdest way, and people actually love to do it. That means that you can also choose any funky or spooky look for this occasion. 

Another option Halloween parties give us is to choose any public figure, and dress up in their way. This is another good choice to get ready for a Halloween party. But in my opinion, only spooky getups rock the halloween parties as it’s the festival of ghosts. In order, to achieve a scary look, you can follow these cosplay looks:

  1. The creepiest clown look
  2. Scary skeleton look
  3. Jason look (A nightmare on Elm street)
  4. The disturbing ghost face look
  5. Freddy (A nightmare on elm street)
  6. Chucky (Child’s play franchise)
  7. Frankenstein monster look
  8. Joker (Batman franchise)
  9. Witch

I have given you a lot of options (above) from which, you can choose any without having any trouble.

  1. The Biker Look

This jacket can be worn while riding a motorcycle or when participating in a bike race. To achieve the biker’s look, you will just need to wear a black shirt inside the jacket, black jeans and long black boots.


So, these were so many possible ways to help you choose from for your Kim Kardashian Leather jacket. I am 100 percent sure that now you will have zero confusion when deciding what to wear at different occasions throughout the year. Just write down your favorite clothing combinations in a diary, and follow them whenever you get invited to any of the above-mentioned parties. And now, It’s time to say goodbye!

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