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5 Benefits of Travel Social App for Women Travellers

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They say hope is something that binds us all together. True, but we feel the love for travel has a much stronger bond. Travel is so much more than social media pictures. It’s something that excites and inspires you, rejuvenates and grounds you, educates and dares you, and most importantly takes you to beautiful places around the world. Travel gives you your most cherished memories and greatest stories, whether done in a group or solo.

When it comes to solo travelling, we are sure most of you have either experience one or wish to experience it. But when it comes to women travellers, solo travelling often becomes a controversial subject. If you are a woman who is planning on going on a solo voyage, the world around you might have come up with reasons why you shouldn’t. But we are going to give you reasons why you should.

In today’s tech-obsessed world, social media apps are a boon for travellers, especially solo women travellers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of these travel social apps for Women Travellers –

Easy and smart booking

We live in a digital world where everything is available at the press of a button on your mobile. Hence, booking hotels and tickets isn’t any different. The easy-to-use booking platform of travel social app not only saves time but also helps keep a digital record of the travel. This feature makes booking a vacation a lot easier for travellers with features like price comparisons, discount offers, bookmarking, push notifications, etc. What more? You can share your travel and booking details with just a screenshot or a click.

SEO Optimized

You don’t have to rely anymore on your friends or distant relative for what destination you should visit next. The travel-sharing apps are equipped with features to land you relevant results every time you are looking for a particular destination. Since these apps are SEO optimized, it becomes easier for users to get proper search results on the go.

Weather Forecasting

The real-time weather forecast is another benefit of travel apps. This feature comes as a great advantage for travellers when deciding on flight bookings and adventure activities like water rafting, skiing, etc.  It will also help them in packing clothes depending on the weather conditions.

Safety prioritized

Safety is the primary concern for women travellers, and this is one of the many reasons why travel apps have successfully made their way into our lives. These apps help with important updates on weather-related disturbances and offer 24-hour emergency service. You can also share your location and whereabouts with your friends and family.

Networking and SharingLiving in a digital world are all about networking and sharing every experience and moment, especially when it’s travelling. Thanks to travel-sharing apps, you are never travelling alone. You are always connected to your people through the power of the internet. You get to share all your memorable moments with your friends and family in an instant with amazing ease.

Make this New year’s voyage with Explurger, a social media travel app that is perfect for the getaway to the new year. With features that make any trip worth reminiscing about for a lifetime. The Explurger app is a social media app based on artificial intelligence that allows you to do more than just check-in. Aside from sharing photos and videos, the app keeps track of how many miles, cities, countries, and continents you’ve travelled. Furthermore, you can add places to your list of winter travel destinations with just a few taps. The app also lets you earn rewards with each explurge you make. 

Any trip, at any time of the year, gets better with a travel partner that shares your interests.  Choose one of these amazing winter holiday destinations and let travel help you have the best time of your life. Choose Explurger, one of the best social media travel apps for winter holidays with features that makes the world a better place to travel. The Explurger app is a social media app that was created on artificial intelligence so that you can go beyond just checking in. Apart from sharing pictures and videos, the app keeps track of the exact miles, cities, countries and continents travelled by you. What’s more, you can add places to your list of travel destinations this winter with just a few taps.

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