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Tips Bali Surfing for Beginner

Bali is always on the list of surfing spots that must be visited by surfers in the world. Whether you are a beginner trying to stand up on a surfboard on your first wave or a seasoned surfer hoping to hit some big waves at one of Bali’s legendary spots, even a professional can still find unforgettable surprises from this spot.

Surfing has been one of the main attractions of Bali since many decades. And Kuta is where it all started. The first international surfer in Bali, who succeeded in introducing Bali as a world surfing destination worth visiting, was an American expatriate named Robert Koke, in early 1938.

While working as a photographer, he had learned how to surf in Hawaii. He came to Bali for the first time in 1936 with his wife, Louise, and immediately fell in love with the beauty of the Island of the Gods at that time. They then decided to return and settle down, and build a beachfront hotel for world surfers in the Kuta Beach area.

Where Kuta has continued to grow tremendously until now for more than 8 decades now. their car name is Kuta Beach Hotel. In December 1938 Robert received some Waikiki-style surfboards he had ordered from the United States.

Quoted in an article in Fortune magazine “One day as we were exploring the island on our rented bicycles, we pedaled through coconut groves and arrived at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: crystal clear waves, with miles and miles of white sand, and no trace of human habitation. as far as the eye can see.”

There are many beautiful spots, with breathtaking views for surfing, namely Uluwatu. One of the beaches with easy access in the Uluwatu area is Suluban Beach. You need to walk down the stairs through local settlements and cafes before arriving at the beach. Suluban is a rocky but beautiful beach with incredible sunset views.

This beach has five famous waves which are commonly called The Peak, Bombie, Temple, Racetracks and The Outside Corner. All of these spots are break-lefts with variable sections that change according to wave size. This spot is recommended only for experienced surfers. The seabed is a very sharp rock. The best time to surf is during the dry season, usually between May and September each year.

Canggu is actually an area with several beaches, including Berawa, Nelayan and of course Batu Bolong, all of which are increasingly popular with visitors. The most famous beach in the area is Echo Beach, a stretch of black sand beach popular with world surfers. It has an excellent variety of waves in a small area, perfect for intermediate surfers, but also popular with visiting professionals and local surfers.

There are at least 6 types of waves named after local cafes in Canggu, namely Old Man’s, The Sandbar, Echo Beach, Pererenan, Canggu (also known as River Mouth) and Batu Bolong. Most of everything is reef break. During high season (December and July), you’ll see a busy beach and some trash. Beginner surfers are advised to join several surf schools in Canggu, some of which are well instructed by English, Russian, German & French speaking teachers.

  1. For experienced surfers who have more time, Bali is a great place to start on their own.
  2. Kuta has more surf shops per kilometer than anywhere else on the planet and well-stocked surf shops are available in all major centers around the island, offering tail pads, leashes, candles and surf gear from all major brands.
  3. Prices are more affordable than in many other countries.
  4. If you need to repair your surfboard, surfboard repair specialists in Bali will get their job done quickly, flawlessly and at a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to rent a motorbike with a surf rack.
  5. Whatever your surfing needs, Bali will fulfill them. Great waves are also available most days of the year, so grab your surfboard and let’s surf! Thanks for reading our article Bali Surfing for Beginner
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