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5 Ways Your Infertility Struggles Impact Work Performance

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Infertility is a type of inability to produce a child. It occurs to both males and females at any time in their reproductive age. As a couple, you can notice it when you have no conception even after having unprotected physical intimacy for more than 6-12 months. You can confirm your infertility by going through a few tests/screenings recommended by experts at a fertility centre or the best IVF clinic in your locality.

Usually, you have fertility problems due to your age, heat/chemical exposure, blocked/damaged fallopian tubes, low sperm count, ejaculation/penetration issues, endometriosis, uterine issues, and ovarian disorders. To facilitate you to get rid of your infertility, experts advise a lot of fertility treatment options that could be IVF, IUI, ICSI, Donor Program, and Surrogacy. 

Whatever the option you choose, you have to struggle with your infertility for a certain time. Usually, all fertility treatments take a lot of time and are expensive. Due to appointments with respective doctors and having tests, you notice a bad impact on your work/job. Here are how your infertility struggles impact your work performance:

1. Loss of job or unemployment 

Unemployment or job loss might be a concern for you, especially when you are thinking about fertility treatments like IVF in case of no natural conception. You are afraid of losing your job as you have to visit your doctors regularly and have the recommended tests/screenings. Your infertility struggles may be a financial burden for you. 

2. Lack of interest in job 

Whether you are a working male or female, your severe reproductive health issues might divert your mind and cause you to lose your interest in the job or work you have. Your infertility can lead you to have anxiety, stress, and depression. 

According to a study, approximately 80% of infertile females experience depression. It impacts their overall health, daily life, and job if you are a working couple. If ignored, you can have a long-term sickness or distress that will leave a bad impact on the quality of your life. 

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3. Less engagement with work or low productivity 

Your infertility struggles impact your professional life badly by lowering your concentration and productivity. To maintain your job interest and productivity, you need to manage your stress and allied psychological issues. You can join classes/training for solving your psychological issues or managing your stress. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help you a lot. 

4. Depression 

As a couple, you have depression due to your thinking. You think a lot about being not able to do what you are biologically built to. Often, you consider yourself as a failed couple. And this feeling and thinking makes you have a feeling of sadness, shame, doubt, and guilt. You need to overcome such a situation to save your job and have successful fertility treatments. Counselling can help you. 

5. Low confidence 

Usually, you (males and females) find it disappointing when you don’t get your dream job even working hard for it and don’t find the best match even after dating for months/years. As a couple, having no child is disappointing for you even after having timed and unprotected physical intimacy for months. It lowers your confidence. And your lowered confidence makes you prone to lose interest in your job. 


Infertility is bad for couples like you willing to be parents of a baby. It makes you lose your job/have unemployment, your interest in the job/work you have, impact your productivity, make you depressed/stressed and reduce confidence in you. To manage your job and parenthood journey, you need to get rid of all what impacts your job due to infertility struggles. With constant and steady practice, you will succeed in your personal as well as professional life.    

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