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6 Common Challenges of Acting

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Whether you have completed or are willing to take an acting course from a school of acting, you need to face some challenges that usually struggling actors face in their initial days. Knowing the challenges and how to get rid of them will help you a lot to establish yourself as a successful actor. Here are some of those challenges:

1. Memory 

Actors need to speak sentences well as per the scripts they have with them for a film project or stage performance. Learning lines is a challenge for them. It can make you stressed if you can’t learn your lines and lead you to disconnected or mechanical acting. 

You can face this challenge with time and planning. And for this, you can schedule dates and time. As per your habit, you should give a week’s time if you know learning lines will take 3 weeks. If you can do it in a few days, give a few days to yourself for learning lines. For learning lines, you need to comprehend your script and the words it contains. Preparing the script first can help you learn lines easily.   

2. Fear  

Overcoming fears is one of the toughest things an actor needs to make improvements. Your fear holds you up from giving your best performance in acting. Your emotions and allied things make you safe in your performances and hold you up. It is better to accept your fears and learn to work with them, instead of working against them.

You can get rid of your fears by practising a lot. The more you work on stage or screen the more you make it your nature.You need to push yourself on stage or before the camera as much as you can do. Further, you should work on characters that are outside of your comfort zone. Gradually, you will get rid of what holds you up. 

3. Emotion 

In anyone’s life, emotion comes up more than anything. As an actor, you need to connect with emotion as per your script. Emotion is the one you need to go after what your scene expects from you. Usually, people have countless emotions. They can feel tragedy, numb, angry, or pragmatic.  

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Spending your time with the scriptwriter can help you discover his/her intention. While working with other actors or a director, you should investigate the scene and its importance as a part of the story. Discovering can help you work out what the scene wants and how you can continue with it truthfully.   

4. Given circumstances 

Whether you are an aspiring actor or a successful one, you have to give auditions before getting a project in your hand. At auditions, you have to speak something or act as per given circumstances. The circumstances could be a part of a famous drama, film, or the one for which the director can select you.    

Speaking something or acting as per the given circumstances is a great key to succeed in acting. Getting better at it can help you do better. And you can do it through constant practice and improvement in your skills. Time, planning, and practice can facilitate you in this regard. 

5. Believability 

Being truthful and believable is one of the biggest challenges for an actor. For most actors, it is all that actors are after. A story that comes to life needs to be believable, as audiences hold a mirror up to nature. Most audiences are good at having fakes in scenes of a stage performance or in a film.  

You can face this challenge. And for this, you need to relax first of all. Through constant practice of deep breathing, meditation, and allied relaxation techniques, you can learn to be relaxed. After learning to be relaxed, you need to comprehend the world you are in. Having a good relationship with the writer can help you in this regard. And at last, you need to leave your ego.   

6. Technical issues 

As an actor, you need to be proficient in technical issues and truthful. Practice can help you. With time and constant practice, you can have screen craft or stage craft. And this will help you perform in real or fake greenery. You will easily work for both stage and camera. 


Like other areas, acting has numerous challenges. And as an actor, you need to face them if you want to establish yourself in the film, television, and entertainment industry. Constant practice, planning, timing, and improvements can help you achieve what you want in your acting career.  

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