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6 Important Questions to Ask Post Hair Transplant Treatment

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Hair transplant usually has 3 normal procedures- initial consultation, operation and after care. Although healing process includes the hair transplant procedures often the treatment regards as complex and daunting. If you want maximum efficiency with hair transplantation then you must follow particular rules at the time of operation and after care period.

Read on this blog to know 6 questions to ask after hair transplant treatment for desirable outcome.

  1. How much time needs to recover from the hair transplant?

On completion of the hair transplant, doctor will provide recommendation as per the transplantation density. It will completely depend on both fast recovery period and your desirable result of hair transplant. You can wash the scalp using recommended shampoo after number of days told to you.

On an average, the healing will take 10 days but full recovery can consume up to 8-10 weeks. You must wait for a year to obtain the final outcome of hair transplantation.

  1. How one can hide hair transplant?

Many people develop scars after hair transplant treatment and they deal with it for a long period of time. They want to reduce them by cutting the hair short but it is not possible due to thickness of the scars. At that time, doctor performs scar method. In this procedure they cut and remove the previously occurred suture.

Then they stitch the place using special technique. Sometimes, surgeons carry out FUE hair transplant procedure in which there is less scar and more natural-looking result. In this process extracted hair follicles will transplant to existing scar closing the previous ones.

  1. How long swelling lasts post hair transplant?

For the first few days, you will experience swelling. Also there is swelling around temples and eyes as it is a usual part of the healing. Even edema appears on the first day of hair transplant. With the doctor’s instructions one can take steroids to help swelling after hair transplant. Just lie in the semi-sitting position keeping upper body parts elevated for lessening the effect of swelling and edema.

  1. When is possible to put on a hat after hair transplant?

On completion of FUE hair transplant treatment, minimum 7-10 days will need for full adhering of grafts to the new position. In the meantime, you must avoid compression and wearing hat can cause compression, displacement and dislodging of the grafts. As a result you will not achieve the desirable result. After grafts become permanent to the new position one can easily put on a hat.

  1. When is possible to scratch the head post hair transplant?

Itching is common to experience during healing which will continue for long 3 months. But keep in mind not to itch the planting area as initially the hair is just there for an average of 20 days. So, itching can remove the hair transplanted at the grafts. However, scratching in the donor area like back of the head will create no problem at all.

In case you are not able to cope with it then scratch the area lightly without using the nail. For the first 14 days you will experience intense itching and it is important for healing. After two weeks the intensity will lower down. At that time there will be occasional itching due to slow development of the hair strands. Then the itching will become mild.

  1. How one will cover the head after hair transplant?

For the first 2 weeks you must keep the scalp uncovered after having hair transplant. By this way you can get healthy development of hair avoiding any sort of graft disruption. But in certain conditions, doctor will recommend you to cover the head after the transplant. For instance, post hair transplant the head becomes highly sore and sensitive deeming for additional care.

It includes exposure to UV rays and sun. At that time you become prone to sun burn hindering the healing. Also exposing to the sun for extended time period can make you sweat heightening the chance of bacteria accumulation and infection in open wounds.

That’s why it is necessary to put on a hat for after hair transplant if you are about to go out. But make sure that the hat is loose as you just need protection only keeping the recovery in progress.

Every clinic offering hair transplant is award of the particular requirements and demands of the patients. The artistic and scientific approach makes them highly popular in a locality. Also you can look for lucrative hair transplant in Istanbul package with which you can avail the treatment and tour combined at affordable price especially if you are from any other countries including UK.

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