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7 Tips from Experts on How to Find a Job in Canada from India

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Finding a job in Canada as an Indian can be a challenging but rewarding journey. Although securing a job offer won’t automatically make you eligible for permanent residence in Canada, having a job offer from a Canadian employer can increase your points in the CRS score calculator – and in turn your chances of qualifying for permanent residency. But, there are certain key steps you must follow to increase your chances of success.

 In this post, we will explore each of these steps in detail, providing valuable insights and tips to help you navigate the job search process effectively.

How to find a job in Canada from India?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the job market

To succeed in your job search, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Canadian job market in your industry. Research and identify the key employers, understand the recruitment process and determine the skills that are highly valued by employers. Keep in mind that a significant portion of job opportunities in Canada may not be advertised publicly, so networking with Canadian professionals becomes crucial.

  1. Identify in-demand skills

Employers in Canada may seek candidates with additional or different skills compared to your experience in India. Research the job market to identify in-demand skills in your field. Consider investing time in learning new technologies or enrolling in certificate courses to acquire or enhance these skills. Demonstrating these sought-after skills on your resume will significantly improve your employability.

  1. Craft a Canadian-style resume/CV

Adapting your resume and cover letter to the Canadian format is vital. Familiarize yourself with the three types of Canadian resume formats: reverse chronological, functional, and hybrid. Choose the format that best showcases your relevant experience and addresses any employment gaps or industry changes. Focus on highlighting your achievements and accomplishments rather than just listing tasks. Avoid including personal details such as your photograph, age, or marital status, as it is against Canadian employment regulations.

  1. Solidify your network

Networking plays a significant role in the Canadian job market. Leverage platforms like LinkedIn, virtual networking events, and online coffee chats to connect with professionals in your industry. Establishing a Canadian network before arriving can provide insights into the hidden job market, industry trends, and the hiring processes of various employers. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to create a positive first impression, and consider finding a mentor or the best immigration consultant in Delhi – who can guide you through the job search process.

  1. Explore job listings

Popular job portals in India, such as Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor, are also widely used in Canada. Additionally, sign up for the Canadian government’s Job Bank (if applicable) and explore Canadian job listing websites like GrabJobs. Take advantage of personalized job alert emails to streamline your search and receive relevant listings that match your criteria.

  1. Sign up with agencies

Canadian employers often rely on employment agencies to assist in candidate selection. Registering with reputable agencies like Robert Half, Randstad Canada, and Hays Canada can increase your chances of accessing suitable job opportunities. These agencies can provide job alerts and connect you with employers seeking candidates with your skills and qualifications.

  1. Apply for a job in Canada

Once you have identified job openings that align with your career goals, tailor your resume and cover letter for each application. Incorporate keywords from the job description to optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by many employers. Customize your application to showcase your relevant experience and demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate for the role.


Securing a job in Canada from India requires careful preparation and a proactive approach. By following these tips from experts, you can enhance your chances of success. Make sure to check eligibility for Canada PR once you’ve secured a job offer in Canada. With determination, perseverance, and a strategic approach, you can pursue your dream of landing a job in Canada in no time! 

Good Luck! 

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