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7 Top rated Tourist Attractions in Richmond in 2023

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Being the state capital entails meeting some high standards. Richmond, Virginia, is a credit to its state. Choosing what to do in Richmond means being in the past while also being in the present. There’s a lot of exciting stuff to do here, but this should get you started on the best things to do in Richmond.

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1. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Plant biodiversity is essential. There are over a quarter million distinct species on the planet. This botanical park covers a large area and has a lot to offer. The name may be a little misleading, as this is not a unique garden. Instead, it’s made up of a variety of specific ones, ranging from Cherry Tree Walk to Asian Valley. All of these are fantastic attractions. 

2. American Civil War Museum

Richmond played a significant role in the American Civil War. The American Civil War Museum in Virginia remembers this significant historical event. These are excellent venues to learn about what it was like to live and battle during this period. The American Civil War Museum is into three sections. All of these can provide you with some of the best Civil War education available. There are many great Civil War things to be here. It’s one of Virginia’s most gorgeous spots.

3. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Nowadays, it appears that every city is opening its own brewery. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, but should not be missed. Richmond’s pride applies to their beer as well. This brewery produces some of the best beer in Virginia or anywhere else. If you can’t wait any longer, you’ll be able to sample many Hardywood Park brews. A visit to the Hardywood Park Craft Brewery could be the crowning achievement of a weekend in Richmond. 

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4. Meadowview Park

When you go onto the Armour House and Gardens property at Meadowview Park in Richmond, you may feel the spirits of the past swirl around you. This is one of Virginia’s most notable historic places. Confederate General Robert E. Lee was in attendance to witness the Seven Days Battle. Lee was able to survey his forces from a vantage point on a hill. This setting is now more peaceful, but not dull. You can go for a walk, see the flowers, or listen to the fountains.

5. Metro Richmond Zoo

Virginia is home to one of the top zoos in the country. You can see how 200 different animal species live and communicate at the Metro Richmond Zoo. This VA zoo does an excellent job of encouraging protection for endangered species. This zoo is home to monkeys, lions, pythons, and other animals. Special breeding is also used to assist increase the population of endangered animals. 

6. RVA Trolley

How did you intend to get around Richmond? Were you planning to drive, ride your bike, use ride-hailing apps, or take the bus? There is, but another way to get around Richmond. The RVA Trolley is one of Virginia’s top modes of public transportation. Richmond was the first city in Virginia to have a tram, making it a public transit pioneer. 

That is also not the case in the United States. That applies to the entire world. Virginians take pride in their tram history by maintaining it in the city. The tram does more than transport you around. It also allows you to see what there is to do in Richmond.

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