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8 Best Side Quests In Shadows Over Loathing

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These are the best side quests in Shadows Over Loathing, from the Hobo King to the Big Moist.

Shadows Over Loathing is a huge game with a lot of weird jokes and stick figures. You’re going on an adventure in the 1920s to find cursed things and fix them. As you go from chapter to chapter looking for each thing, you’ll come across a lot of side quests to keep you busy.

They range from being so short it’s funny to being so long it’s shocking. Still, each one is a chance to get important items and much-needed experience. Even though there are a lot of side quests, these stand out because they are the most interesting and satisfying.

The Hobo Camp

In the area of Ocean City where your story begins, you’ll see a lot of the same places again and again. The Hobo Camp, which is north of Main Street, is a well-known one. When you get there, you’ll see that the camp is made up of several empty but marked boxcars. There is also a Hobo King in the camp, but not many people follow him.

From now on, it’s your job to tell any homeless people you meet about the Hobo Camp so they have a place to stay. This will bring people to the area, let you learn the Hobo Code to find profitable secrets, open more services, and gain the trust of the Hobo King.

The Monster Hunt

People don’t like the word “moist,” so it’s a shame (and on purpose) that Shadows Over Loathing game has a swamp area called the Big Moist. Even though Gatormen may be the most dangerous monsters in the area, they aren’t the only ones. In the northeast of the map, there is a place called the Monster Shack, where a group of imaginative and artistic kids have started a club for hunting monsters.

Each one will need your help hunting a different kind of monster. It’s a dangerous job that requires you to fight, think, and have good stats, but it’s worth it because you’ll get one of the most useful items in Shadows Over Loathing game.

The Frog God’s Curse

As you keep walking around the Big Moist, you’ll find many strange things. If you go far enough south, you’ll end up in a Frog Bog, where there are a lot of frogs that can sort of speak English. They’ll say they’ve been cursed and give you a gem to take to a place called Haim Quarry. When you get there, you’ll find a big statue of a frog in a cave, but its gem eye is missing.

But a frog in a human body will say that humans are to blame for the curse because they mess up the world. Then, which is unusual for a game like this, you have to gather as much knowledge as you can to make what you think is the most moral and fair choice.

Rufus Research

After a long day of classes, games are a great way to relax, but Shadows Over Loathing game makes you go to class for a chapter. By joining S.I.T., you can check out a college site and see how college life works. If you go down into the sewers, you will find a secret lab run by Rufus, an eager scientist.

Talking to him will send you to do different things to finish a number of jobs in different places. Every time you finish one, Rufus will give you a new prize and a new task. It’s one of the longer side quests, and it’s fun to finish it.

Stock The Crystal Shop

Like most RPGs, this one has a lot of puzzles, and this is one of the more interesting ones. In the south of Crystaldream Lake, there is a gift shop where you can buy crystals. You’ll find out that there are no crystals for sale, which is a shame. When you talk to the owner, you find out that the nearby crystal mine has closed down. So there are no new crystals coming in.

If you go to explore, you’ll get caught up in a puzzle that involves collecting items and going back in time. To get the shop back in business, you’ll also need to get some things for other places. Once you do that, you’ll get a nice souvenir and be able to go to a unique shop to buy accessories.

Support The Speakeasy

Prohibition was all the rage in the 1920s, even though many people didn’t like it. Since Basket Random game ends with your character owning a speakeasy, it seems like they are on the side of letting everyone drink. This business runs in the background while you’re on a quest, but it doesn’t do much for you.

You can find other drinks, snacks, and materials to bring back to the speakeasy, which is a good thing. This will make it more profitable and give you more drinks to choose from. Which can give you more secondary benefits. It’s also a fun place to hang out because the music is catchy and the cartoons are fun.

The Brewster Murder Case

Ocean City’s houses are by far the most typical in the game, but each one has something going on. Ms. Brewster’s House can be found by wandering around the southern part of the map. It’s a place where only traveling salespeople live, and you may have met some of them on your travels.

But not everything is fine. One of Ms. Brewster’s renters has been killed. You have to look at the crime scene to come up with an idea. And then you have to talk to all the tenants to figure out who did it. It’s not a very long task, but it’s still fun to do.

The Corn Maze

What would a game set in the 1920s be without a farm? Well, farms aren’t required, but they do add to the “old America” feel. This is clear in the Gray County area, where there is even a corn maze. If you look around the Feed House, you’ll find a strange house that seems to be disappearing. The corn maze behind it, however, is more interesting.

As you try to get through it, you’ll have to look at a lot of junk, lost people with different jobs, cursed corn, and a big crow. Your job here is to make the people who live in the corn as happy as possible by navigating, gathering, and trading. It’s interesting, strange, and funny to see it through.

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