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Are you having trouble getting credit card approval without income proof? Don’t hassle, because now you can get a credit card without income proof. A credit card is an excellent tool for financial freedom that allows you to shop for items or services without paying instantly. Paying through credit cards also offers rewards & loyalty points, special discount deals, and more.

It is normal to feel attracted to a credit card due to its features, but card issuers don’t offer it to everyone. Credit cards apply onlineand offline have some regulations. The bank mainly determines the applicant’s history (if available) and their income capability to make bill payments. Indeed, it is tough to get a credit card when having no income source, but it’s not impossible. Here’s how you can obtain a credit card.

Ways to Obtain a Credit Card without Any Income Proof

Choose a Secured Credit Card Many banks have the policy to issue a credit card on behalf of fixed deposits (FD) or a salary account if income proof is unavailable. The FD will work as security; thus, it’ll assure the bank or card issuer that you’ll make repayments on time. 

1. Try with Employment Letter

Before the employment confirmation letter, the company releases a joining or offer letter mentioning the salary. These letters indicate how much you’ll earn monthly and your credit card eligibility while working with the company. Hence, you can quickly get a credit card with essential documents and a joining letter.

2. Get an Add-On Card

Banks or credit card issuers often issue a credit card on behalf of the primary credit card that one of your family members possesses. For example, if your mother, father, sibling, or other family member has a credit card, you can obtain one add-on credit card. The facilities and rewards on the add-on credit cards will be similar to primary credit cards.

3. Use a Bank Account

To apply for a credit card online, you must have a bank account to add your details. Using your bank account will make your credit card application less risky, and you can submit your application without income proof.

4. Use an Account with Generous Bank Balance for Credit Card

The healthy funds in your bank account ensure that you can make repayments and have less risk of default. Even if you are not working but maintaining an outstanding bank balance, you can clarify that you may have retired or earned sufficient to take the gap from work.

5. Apply Jointly

Applying jointly for a credit card can boost your chances of getting a credit card. If you’re not a salaried person, but your partner has long & healthy credit history, you can use their creditworthy application to your advantage. Applying for a joint credit card with a creditworthy applicant will favour you. 

6. Approach with your Financial Plan

Having a credit card will make you decide your financial plan since you cannot make the late fee or default on the bills. So to avoid any extra burden on your shoulder, make a financial plan to avoid late payments. It will improve your credit rating, and your credit card eligibility will improve in front of the card issuer.

7. Check Credit Report

A credit report is essential when applying for a loan or credit card. You can check your credit report and make corrections if you find any errors in your application. The more your credit report look furnished, more it will be easy for you to get a credit card.

8. Show Part-time/Freelance Work

If you don’t have a permanent income source, you can still showcase your part-time income or freelance work to put the card issuer on a positive scale. They’ll determine your capability based on your career and will not ask for your income proof once they’re satisfied.


Being an application, you must be aware of many things, such as keeping your financials healthy, keeping a financial backup, make payments on time and in advance if that doesn’t bother you. Banks prefer stable income before issuing a credit card, but that’s not the case with you; follow the steps above.

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