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9 Reasons that Lower Sperm Count in Men

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As per a study, one in eight couples struggle a lot to have a conception. And one in three cases, male infertility is the primary cause. A male has fertility problems due to low sperm count, which is also acknowledged as oligospermia. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the normal sperm count range lies between 15 million to 200 million sperm a millilitre of semen. And lower than 15 million per millilitre is low sperm count. Your doctor can advise ICSI Treatment in Kathmandu to make your female partner pregnant. Have a look at the reasons that lower sperm count in male:    

1. Age 

Ageing causes you to have infertility and low sperm count. Men can make their female partners pregnant even after being above 40 years. However, several degenerative changes take place in the leydig and germinal epithelium cells that play a crucial role in sperm production. 

In addition, testosterone levels go down after the age of 30 years. A decrease in testosterone level affects sperm production. There is a high probability of erectile dysfunction in men aged between 40 and 70 years. Erectile dysfunction can lead to infertility and low sperm count. 

2. Staying up too late 

As per a study, men who are sleep-deprived might experience oligospermia. Usually, human beings should sleep for 6-9 hours every night. Doctors recommend sound sleeping to lower the risk of low sperm count.    

Sleep deprivation affects the production of testosterone hormone, which is crucial for sperm formation. To safeguard yourself from low sperm count issues, you need to ensure you are not sleep deprived. 

3. Obesity 

Obesity and overweight are a serious problem in men across the world. As per many scientific studies, obesity and overweight have an association with the risk of oligozoospermia or azoospermia. Obese men have a three-time higher risk of a decrease in sperm count and quality. 

As a health conscious man, you should keep your weight in control. And for it, you should have a close watch on your BMI and try to keep it between 20 and 25. A healthy body weight will be beneficial for your overall health and fertility. 

4. Stress 

Stress is your enemy, especially when you and your spouse are willing to expand your family. It is one of the primary causes of low sperm count in men. You should find ways to get rid of your stress to succeed in your parenthood journey. And for this, you can practise meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques.    

5. Hot tubs or heat exposure 

Exposure to extreme heat for a longer period can leave bad impacts on sperm count and motility. You can take a warm shower or use hot tubs for a moderate time and avoid having warm showers for a longer period to safeguard from its worse effects on your fertility and other health issues. 

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6. Smoking 

As per a study, cigarette smoke has more than 7000 ROS (reactive oxygen species) and chemicals. These lower sperm count, impair the functionality of sperm, and lead males to have infertility. It means smoking causes a reduction in sperm quantity and quality. 

The relationship between sperm concentration and smoking depends on the number of cigarettes a person smokes a day. In comparison with nonsmokers, you have a 13-17% reduction in your sperm concentration if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day. Further, smoking during the effort of family expansion or fertility treatments affects the outcome.  

7. Tight undergarments   

Wearing tight undergarments or briefs can lead you to destroy sperm in your semen. And this destruction can lead you to have low sperm count. It happens, as your tight briefs or underpants hold testicles tightly against your body. To protect your fertility and sperm count, you should limit the use of tight undergarments. As far as possible, you should wear loose and comfortable underpants such as boxers. 

8. Alcohol 

Regular or heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages can increase your risk of having low sperm count. Alcohol can make you have erectile dysfunction or penetration issues while having physical intimacy with your female partner. You should make your drinking habit come down to a moderate level or leave it completely for the sake of your future baby. 

9. Refined carbs 

Are you fond of carbs? If yes, you should keep in mind that the meal containing carbs increases tryptophan, which is a hormone that makes you fall asleep soon. And falling in bed soon can be a barrier to your sex life and parenthood journey. You should avoid using refined carbs when you are on your parenthood journey.  


As a health conscious male, you should be aware of what is good and what is bad for your reproductive health. You should be aware of sperm killers. Your awareness of it will help you enjoy your married life, become a father, and enjoy parenthood.

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