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A Complete Guide to Helping Your Child with Homework & Exam Revision

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Homework and exam revision are both very important, and a child must know how to manage and do these two things in the right way. Children do know what homework is because they have to do homework on several subjects, but they must know about the right process to do the homework.

If they follow the right steps, students will be able to work on and complete their homework no matter how busy they are with their schedule. The same goes for exam revisions too. Sometimes students get too tense and what they want is guidance from their parents to help them in their exam revision.

But the fact is that parents lead a very busy life these days. When both the parents of the child work, it affects the children in several ways. Parents are unable to spend time with their children. They hire homework writers who help the students to complete the homework.

In this way, students can complete their homework and do revisions on their own, but they want help from their parents. Let’s discuss several ways by which you can help your children with their homework and exam revision.

Make a list – Parents first need to list the subjects and chapters their child has to do in homework. This goes for revision too. So, parents first need to sit and make a list. In this way, they will be able to cover all the subjects and chapters in a small amount of time.

Following the list will help the students to proceed with their work systematically. The parents need to make a list because there are high chances that the students may miss one subject or chapter while working on the list.

Allot time properly – After they are done with the list, parents need to allot time to each subject or chapter they need to cover in the revision. If the number of homework is too much, then the parents must allot time to each subject in the right way.

Dividing the time based on subjects will help the students complete the homework and the revision on time. However, in the majority of the cases, what happens is that students spend most of the time on the difficult subjects and chapters.

Later on, they do not have time to go through the other subjects. Therefore, parents need to allot time-based on the days remaining for the exams or based on the homework deadline.

Procrastinate – Students tend to procrastinate things whenever it comes to homework and revision for the exam. What they do is they wait for the right time to start.

And that is why they end up missing their deadline for the homework or are unable to cover the full syllabus in revision. The parents need to make the students understand that there is nothing called the right time.

The time will be right whenever they start working on their homework or start their revision. Parents need to ask their children to always be active and not waste time. Sometimes parents can ask the children to use math problem solvers and complete their work.

Stay on the work – What children do is that sometimes in between doing their homework or revision, they take too many breaks. Therefore, their parents need to be very strict regarding education.

Yes, breaks are important, but too many breaks will not help them. On the contrary, it will distract the children. That is why parents always need to ask their children to always be active on the task.

Cut out the minor parts – Parents need to know that students will not be able to cover all the parts while working on revisions. These days the syllabus is too huge even for children, and covering the full syllabus will not be a clever decision.

Parents first need to ask their children about the parts they need to revise. Then the parents need to ask their children to cover all the major parts of a subject. Generally, questions come from major parts of a subject. If they can cover and revise the whole exam syllabus, they can go through the parents who were left.

Review past papers – Parents need to go through the previous year’s question paper. In this way, they will be able to know the pattern of the question that comes in the exam.

They will also know the type of question that comes and from which part. Based on the previous question paper, parents can also make their students revise for the exam. Instead of taking homework help from homework writers online, parents need to help their children in their way.


From the above discussion, it can thus be said that both homework and revision are time-consuming processes. Therefore, parents need to plan out both things in the right way to make their children proceed smoothly.

It is suggested to the parents that they should always help their children out with their homework and guide them accordingly. Parents should not ask the children to take the help of online maths problem solvers or online homework services always. These services do not help the children to learn anything. Even if the parents are hectic, they are asked to take out some time and help their children.

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