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A2 is a better choice for everyday protein. Why is it better for senior citizens?

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A2 milk is one of the best sources of your protein. You can quickly get A2 milk in Ludhiana.

This milk has many health benefits, including A2 milk in your diet, which results in better digestion and less inflammation. 

Cow milk is also very beneficial for health—the cost of Cow milk in Ludhiana. Currently, the price is 56 INR per liter. The benefits are that it is full of minerals and essential vitamins. It promotes bone growth and is easily accessible everywhere. 

What is A2 milk? 

The milk containing A2 beta-casein is known as A2 milk. This milk is also very famous among Indians because it is provided by most cow breeds, easily seen in Africa and India. The cow breeds which provide A2 beta-casein milk are Gir, Sahiwal, Kankrej, Rathi, and Hariana. These five cow breeds are famous for giving A2 high-quality milk. Their feed includes a natural diet; their feed is grown without insecticides and pesticides. This not only makes milk chemical-free, but also cattle get a chemical-free meal. 

How is it different from other types of milk? 

The A2 beta Casein milk is different from other types of milk. The only difference is the amino acid present in the milk. A1 and A2 are two types of beta-casein. This is how milk is differentiated. Beta casein present in milk promotes the stability of the milk during the storage of milk in the cooler for processing other dairy products from it. 

What are the benefits of A2 milk? 

Full of Vitamins: minerals present in A2 milk are Vitamin A promotes eye development and growth. Vitamin D helps in the regulation of phosphate in the body, Vitamin B12 strengths nerve cells, Potassium Helps in normalizing the fluid level, riboflavin helps in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, and Phosphorus helps in the repair of cells and tissues in the body.

Reflect strong immunity: you can consume A2 milk in several ways. This depends on preferences, but if you are taking it when you are suffering from any illness. Try to have A2 milk with turmeric as it heals our body from the inside and strengthens the immunity of the body. 

Bones get more Strength: this type of milk is high in calcium. Calcium is well known for its properties, like preventing bone aging and strengthening bones. A2 milk not only makes bones strong but also helps in making the digestive system strong. The milk is very easy to digest. This is one of the major reasons athletes choose A2 milk as their beverage choice. 

Why do senior citizens prefer A2 milk?  

A2 Milk can be consumed by any age group; it comes with satisfying nutrition. This milk is so much more beneficial for senior citizens in a way that with the aging process, the most degrading factor is that bones become weaker due deficiency of calcium and protein, which causes pain in muscles and joints. A2 milk helps in providing calcium and other minerals by just consuming A2 milk per day.

This milk not only makes bone strong but also because it reduces inflammation. It helps in the digestion of food easily as well. This is another reason why older people prefer A2 milk.  


If you also want to get a full glass of packed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through milk. Choose A2 as your choice. Best quality A2 milk is delivered in Ludhiana by Cowzy Milk. 

Take a step toward a healthier life by picking A2 milk.

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