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Agile Vs. Waterfall: What’s the Basic Difference and Which One is Best?

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If you are in the tech industry, then it is a necessity for you to know the basic difference between Agile vs. Waterfall. Both are very relevant today in this fast-paced world for nerve-wracking software development projects.

To bring innovative services and products, these two software development tactics are the most practiced today. Although both have higher demands and choosing the right one can affect your project’s success and failure.

Don’t you want to reveal which is better for your app or software development?

If yes, continue reading further. Also, get a better insight into this while taking support and assistance from the top mobile app development company in Dubai

Now, let’s focus on the remaining guide and unveil the potential.

What is Agile and Waterfall? 

To understand them better, you need to know about both of them:


It is one of the recent methodologies that ensure flexibility, fast-paced development, and collaboration. Also, its software development approach can bridge the communication gap between developers, stakeholders, and customers. Developers can gather feedback and proceed with necessary improvements and changes in the development cycle. To cater to the needs of end-users, Agile methodology is highly prevalent today.


This methodology prioritizes hierarchies, project management, and careful planning. The waterfall model ensures a sequential approach that regulates the rigid structure while emphasizing documentation and planning. This approach can be considered for projects where the development timeline is predictable, and clients have precise requirements.

However, what’s best between Agile and Waterfall for you also depends on multiple factors such as available resources, goals, project scope, size, etc.

Significant Differences Between Waterfall and Agile:

Now that you better understand these two development methodologies, it’s time to consider their differences so that you don’t fall short on any key information before finalizing the best tactic for your next software development project. So, let’s unveil what potential these two have and how they differ from others.


  • It considers Waterfall methods which means a rigid and sequential approach.
  • Only small changes are required
  • The final product is the end product.
  • Easier to coordinate with teams.
  • Lack of project visibility as the project gets completed linearly.


  • It can contain significant changes
  • Has sequential development
  • Again, the end product is the final product.
  • Based on the idea of iterative development
  • Allow adaption to changes, whether they are cheaper, faster, or bigger.

How to select the right one from Waterfall and Agile?

It’s time for you to choose between Agile and Waterfall, and that depends on multiple factors such as:

  • Team’s experience: 

Different teams are eligible to handle different tasks. While some methods can be easily done by the team proficient in Agile, others are not. So, choose wisely whom you want to give your project.

  • Project’s Timeline: 

What time it takes to complete the project is another essential step you should not ignore while choosing between the two methodologies. Get in touch with a leading Android/iPhone app development company or software development company to learn more about which methods are better for an app or project development.

Agile development can do wonders for projects within a short period of time. However, you can look up waterfall development for projects that take longer.

  • Project’s scope 

While projects with flexible scopes look for different methodologies, the others with a specific scope look for other scopes. So choose the best while taking consultation from the best developers out there, or you can also resolve your queries while talking with us.

  • Transparency

Every development team must provide transparency to clients about at which stage they have reached or covered. However, it is based on the development methodology whether the transparency related to the product’s details is provided or not. And if we talk about Agile, it consists of limited documentation; however, Waterfall favors a large amount of documentation.

  • Changes

As Agile development prefers iterative development approaches, changes can be made easily. However, the competitor, Waterfall, uses milestone development approaches that make development more challenging and troublesome.

In a Nutshell!

Indeed, both Agile and Waterfall have different attributes, and thus you decide the best one according to your business goals and requirements. Now that you have learned a lot more differences between Agile and Waterfall methodologies, don’t you want to pick the best one while taking consultation from none other than the tech giant of the industry?

If yes, get in touch with the top iphone app development company in Dubai that will help in every way to bring the best of technologies while choosing what favors you the most. You will definitely get results like never before; it’s just required consultation with the domain experts. Also, don’t forget to let us know any query or doubt you have with this entire guide. We will surely be more than happy to resolve this with you.

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