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All About Arnica: The Homoeopathic Pain Killer

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Pain is what lets us know what pleasure is all about; it is because of pain we come more aware of ourselves, our surroundings and our bodies. “The pain in our bodies and our subconscious mind is what helps us heal and healing is the process or the backbone on which the entire basis of homoeopathy is built. “Explained a very popular homoeopathic doctor in Punjab. The pain is what makes us, even more, self-aware and helps us be more careful about the course of events that can take shape in the future.

But often in this busy lifestyle of ours, we are in the race to get and achieve things faster and we often tend to ignore the pain that has been developing in our bodies over time. One of the functions of pain is also to arrest the attention of the person towards a particular part of the body. Let us understand this through the means of an example “when there is stomach pain, bloating and gas, the immediate advice that is given to people is to drink water because water tends to ease the muscular walls of the intestinal lining and release the gas. Even when there is a headache the first reaction is to massage the temples with slow circular movements.

But what does the biological definition of pain say, well as per biology the definition of pain is a localised sensation in a particular part of the body often a result of accumulated stress over time or a result of lifestyle changes that have been happening and disturbing the natural balance of the body, the pain can also be the result of an accident followed by damage of tissue at a specified area followed by oozing of blood.

The basic remedy that people have been using to ward off pain is to be diagnosed with painkillers. Pain killers when released into the bloodstream reach the specified area of muscles that have been experiencing pain and cause numbness of the same, the muscles are then allowed to restore to their normal level after a stipulated amount of time.


The most common pain killer that we know of in homoeopathy is “Arnica”. Arnica is an extract of flowers grown in the Siberian region also known as Mountain daisy”. The medicine arnica is extracted from the dried flowers which have been usually sun-dried over some time. Macerated Arnica flowers are boiled in petroleum-based ether and then condensed to form the arnica medicine.

The reason behind the flowers being treated with petroleum ether is because the petroleum ether tends to get rid of the resin, excess residue etc. The insoluble filtrate is then removed and the clear liquid is then packed in bottles and sent for dispatch.

One of the most experienced members of the homoeopathic fraternity who has been running his homoeopathic clinic in Mumbai explains “Arnica is available both in gel and in the consumable liquid form; the shelf life of an arnica bottle is up to 3 yrs when sealed and up to 6 months from the date of opening.

“Arnica is being used by sportsmen, celebrities and even common people to compact pain the major reason being unlike allopathic medicines it has no side effects.

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