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All You Need To Know About Body Jewelry Care

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Fashion isn’t limited to the latest clothing trends or the vintage shoes you got online. It goes beyond them. You can experiment with your style through exquisite accessories such as jewelry. Jewels can take your look from one to fifty in an instant — especially body jewelry.

Body jewelry is an effortless way of expressing your persona and making a statement with ease. It gives you a bold, edgy, and dainty look to rocky anywhere you go. Once you get body piercings, you can flaunt charming jewelry like never before.

However, it is important to take off the jewelry you wear regularly. Care and concern for the jewelry is necessary to maintain its charm and glitz for a long time. Good care of your jewelry is necessary. 

Check out these great tips and tricks to keep your jewelry pretty and shiny for years to come.

General Cleaning and Care

High-quality jewelry requires regular maintenance and cleaning. The care you provide your jewelry is an investment to keep for a long time. Jewelry cleaning is a simple task — so it in a few simple steps. 

  1. Choose a room with great lighting to locate even the smallest parts of body jewelry in case you drop them.
  2. Use warm soapy water to rinse your jewelry. Always plug your drain to avoid losing them.
  3. Never use harsh chemicals like bleach, detergents, or alcohol to clean your jewelry.
  4. Real gold can scratch easily. Keep these pieces in separate compartments.
  5. Store your jewelry in cotton-fill boxes.
  6. Avoid sleeping with delicate jewelry styles. Before going to bed, simply switch to basic design jewelry.
  7. Opt for professional jewelry cleaning and polishing after regular intervals to maintain their quality.

Tips to Take Care of Body Jewelry

Whether it’s nose piercing or ear piercings jewelry — care is a must for all. It ensures the longevity of the accessories you wear now and then. Time to explore the best practice to ensure you keep your maintenance game up.

  • Clean Jewelry Regularly

It is a cardinal rule to clean the jewelry you wear at regular intervals. Also, you need to make sure you wear clean jewelry in new piercing to prevent chances of infections. Wash your jewelry using soap and water.

A saline solution is also another great option to tidy your jewelry and the surrounding area. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they can damage the jewelry and irritate the skin.

  • Refrain From Touching Jewelry

Sometimes, it is irresistible not to play with the jewelry we wear on a daily basis. But what if I tell you, this habit is running your jewelry? Touching your jewelry increases the contact of bacteria and germs to your piercing. It may increase the risk of infection. Always wash your hands before touching or adjusting the jewelry.

  • Remove Jewelry During Physical Activities

While engaging in strenuous physical activities or sports, remove all pieces of jewelry such as septum nose rings. Through this practice, you can avoid getting injuries as body jewelry can get caught on clothing or equipment. Sweat and moisture can also build up around the jewelry. This grimy build-up can also cause infections. 

  • Check For Allergies

Body jewelry can be allergic to some body types. It may cause irritation or other signs of damage to the skin. Choose jewelry made from hypoallergenic materials such as titanium and steel. If you experience, itching, swelling, or redness, remove the jewelry immediately. 


Body Jewelry is a fantastic way to express yourself. You get all the body piercing you like and decorate them with pretty charms. However, there is care and cleaning are vital to their durability and your personal hygiene. Make sure to regularly cleanse these accessories

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