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All you need to know to rectify QuickBooks Error 6130

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QuickBooks has developed state-of-the-art security arrangements to keep your financial data safe in the company file. But unfortunately, due to errors like QuickBooks Error 6130, you may get locked out of the company file and unable to open and access it. But regrettably, issues like QuickBooks Error 6130 may prevent you from opening and accessing the company file by locking you out. Modern security measures have been established by QuickBooks to protect your financial information in the company file. However, it goes unsaid that any error obstructs the productivity of any company and warrants immediate counteraction. This blog will help you understand the reasons behind QB Company File Error 6130 and the path to overcoming it.

An overview of QuickBooks Error Message 6130

If a company file is made available to be used and accessed by other workstations over a network using the server, but when attempted to open from a workstation, the company file is corrupted or unavailable, it triggers QB 6130 Error.

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Reasons that encourage QuickBooks Error Code 6130

Provoking factors of QB Database Server Error 6130 are listed below

  • Corruption in the company file desired to open
  • Higher version of the company file and a lower version of QuickBooks in the specific workstation
  • You may search ‘I am Getting Error 6130 while Opening Company File’ if there are flaws in network configuration
  • Obstructions created by Firewall settings
  • Backdated Windows version can cause QB Error -6130 0
  • If the QB Database service, which supports Multi-user mode, is faulty, Message 6130 in QB may be prompted
  • Impaired ND (Network Device) and TLG (Transaction Log) files

Procedures to ameliorate QuickBooks Desktop Error 6130

Solution 1: Amend the names of ND (Network Device) and TLG (Transaction Log) files

  1. Go to the File Manager and navigate to search the QuickBooks installation folder usually found on C:\ Users\Public \Public Documents \Intuit\ QuickBooks path
  2. Search among the options, the files with the same name as your company file but with ND and TLG extensions
  3. With the usual process of right-clicking the file, choose Rename to make amends in the file.
  4. Modify the names of both files in a similar fashion by adding OLD
  5. Save the recently modified file name and relaunch to check the condition .

Solution 2: Reinitiate the QuickBooks Database Service for the server

  1. Press and hold Windows + R buttons synchronously on the keyboard of the server computer for the Run window to be prompted
  2. Feed services.msc in the available text box and click Enter
  3. Among the services, navigate to search for QuickBooksDBXX (XX signifies the QuickBooks Desktop version)
  4. Choose the QuickBooksDBXX service and tap Start on the left panel
  5. Attempt to access the company file to inspect the condition.


Hopefully, the information and fixing methods for QuickBooks Error 6130 have assisted you in eliminating it, and you can work on the company file as usual. However, if you need further support in fixing QuickBooks Error 6130 or any such issues, dial 1-855-856-0042 to be directly connected with our QB ProAdvisor experts for the thorough and best guidance.

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