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An awesome way to Thicken Chili – Just do it Like a Pro

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Are you left with too much liquid in your chili soup or meal? No need to worry at all. I understand that no one wants a thin chili soup. 

It sometimes happens that just to find a way to thicken chili, you try to overcook it. And at last, you end with mushing the other ingredients. On a cold winter night, what can be amazing than having a bowl full of thick chili. 

Home remedies work like a wonder sometimes. But you have to do it efficiently, otherwise, you will be left with a sad face and a bad taste. 

How to Thicken Chili – Just Try It!

Overcook is not at all the solution to thicken the chili. By doing this, you are spoiling other ingredients with your chili. As a result, spoiling your dish. However, there are effective and amazing ways to thicken the chili. You just need to please try.

  • Thicken Chili With the Flour:

Wheat flour is made up of enzymes, starch, sugar, proteins, etc. This is one of the most effective ways to thicken chili as it is popular in all household kitchens.

Just take 2 tablespoons of flour and ¼ cup of water in a bowl. Mix it thoroughly. Make sure that the mixture has no lumps in it. 

Then add the resulting mixture to your chili dish in medium heat. Stir constantly to thicken the chili. Cook it for just a few minutes.

Let the mixture boil it properly so that it will lose all its moisture and your chili will turn thick from thin. You might be thinking that you are spoiling your dish by adding flour and water into it. But it is not the truth. The flour will not ruin the taste of chili. On the other hand, it will make your chili better in taste.

  • Cornstarch:

Cornstarch is also known as an anti-sticking agent. It is obtained from the maize grain and also known as maize starch.

This will add your chili a glossy like appearance when you will mix it with your chili. You just need 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 1 tablespoon of water.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl, thoroughly. Then heat your chili in a medium flame while adding the resulting mixture of cornstarch into it.

Stir constantly until the bubbles appear on it. Wait for minutes to see the result. 

After some time, you will find that your chili is thickened well. But if you still feel that it should be thickened more than add cornstarch into your chili a bit more. 

Cornstarch is great in thickening the chili because it will not alter the taste of chili.

  • Arrowroot:

Arrowroot is known as the best thickening agent out of all. It contains starch, low protein, potassium, iron, Vitamin B, etc.

Adding arrowroot to your chili is like giving a surface gloss appearance to your chili dish. Take a tablespoon of arrowroot powder and 1 tablespoon of water.

Mix it thoroughly in a separate bowl until it turns into a smooth mixture. Make sure to add it in a small amount.

While cooking it in medium heat, add that slurry into your chili dish. Stir constantly but below the boiling point.

As a result, it will make your chili thick and don’t worry it will not alter the taste of your chili.

  • Tomato Paste:

Tomato paste is used widely in all household kitchens to thicken the chili. But it will make your chili dish only a little thick. If your chili is too thin then go for the other methods to thicken your chili. Don’t use this process. 

Now, to make your chili dish only a little thick, then make a fresh handmade tomato paste. Make it with fresh tomato. Because it will make your chili tastes better.

Then add sugar into your paste. It is because the sugar will make your chili dish sweeter. And will eliminate the taste of tomato paste’s bitterness.

Take about 170 grams of tomato paste to your thin chili and mix it thoroughly. Add it in the last 30 minutes of cooking.

Stir constantly until your chili dish turns into a thick paste. As a result, you will find your chili as a thick mixture. Now, your dish is ready to be served before your family members.

The Final Thoughts 

Here you go! These were the best methods to thicken your chili from thin to a thick dish. The above methods will not alter the taste of your chili. In addition, it will add a glossy like appearance to your chili dish.

Serving a thin chili dish is a bad feeling for most of the housewives. Thick chili makes the heart warm on a cold winter night.

Therefore, these were effective as well as amazing tips to thicken your chili. All these tips are tried and tested and will not leave you in dissatisfaction.

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