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Beautiful flowers to gift your loved ones on a Special day

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Looking for something that will uplift the mood of your loved ones and motivate them to go on? Then you are in the right place. Because nothing is better than some bright, colorful, and fragrant flowers that can help you achieve this purpose of yours. Bethpage Florist is one of the best florists in Melville NY that we swear by. They offer impeccable services and amazingly fresh flower bouquets at competitive prices. Try yourself and experience the difference.


This blossom is one of the most popular flowers that people seem to opt for when they think of surprising their loved ones with something special. Carnations come in various colors like red, purple, orange, yellow, pink, and white. Each of these colors has its own significance. For example, the red carnation represents deep love; it helps you tell your loved one that your heart beats for them. The pink one, along with letting you express your gratitude, also allows you to convey your heartfelt feeling that they are always on your mind. To express your disappointment and rejection, you can use the yellow carnation.


This fragrant blossom is a symbol of purity, spirituality, good luck, and gentleness. You can give this blossom to someone who’s having a tough time or to someone who’s going to embark on a new journey. Apart from these, you can use gardenia for various other occasions because each color of this bloom signifies a different emotion. Using the red gardenia, you can silently say “I love you” to your loved one. This color of gardenia also symbolizes passion and secret love. The pink one stands for renewal and beauty, the yellow one symbolizes dreams, and the orange one means hope.


This sleek, elegant blossom is one of those that is perfect for everyone, be it your parents, your children, your cousins, your colleagues, or your special someone. Gerbera in general stands for cheerfulness, innocence, loyalty, and purity. But this blossom has various colors with different meanings, so you need to choose the one that’s appropriate for your desired occasion. The red gerberas symbolize unconscious love, whereas the yellow ones represent positivity, cheerfulness, and celebration. The pink gerbera is the symbol of gentleness. And the white one represents purity and innocence. Also, there’s orange gerbera, which represents warmth, energy, and enthusiasm.


The sunflower is also known as the happy blossom, which is why it’s the best blossom for occasions when you want to cheer your loved ones. It has the capability to brighten anyone’s mood. This blossom, along with signifying positivity, happiness, vitality, and intelligence, also stands for steadfast and pure love. You can get these happy flowers from Beth Page Florist, which is one of the best florists in Bethpage NY. They will surely deliver them on time without giving you any chance to complain. 


The word “hydrangea” came from the Greek terms “hydro” and “angos” which in English means “water vessel”. And hydrangea, true to its name, requires lots of water to bloom beautifully. Furthermore, this bloom has the capability of changing colors between pink and blue based on the soil’s pH value. These special attributes of hydrangea make it a perfect fit for the people who hold a special place in your life. Using this bloom, you can remind your loved ones of their beauty and grace. You can also express your gratitude to them.


Daisy, traditionally in the Victorian world, was associated with one’s ability to keep secrets. But in the modern world, the daisy is associated with purity, new beginnings, innocence, and cheerfulness. You can use the present-day meanings of this flower, or you can also go with the Victorian meaning and share a little secret with your loved one. Daisy comes in various colors like pink, orange, white, and many more. The pink ones stand for admiration and adoration, the orange ones for cheerfulness, joy, and warmth, and the white daisies represent purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

Lily of the Valley

This blossom signifies love, happiness, purity, joy, luck, and sincerity. It also has some special facts related to it. For example, in France, on May 1st, people give this blossom to their loved ones. It’s also the national flower of Finland. And some even believe this bloom was taken to the gates of heaven to measure the purity of one’s heart and soul.

So, hurry and make your loved one feel even more special by ordering these happy flowers from one of the best florists in Levittown NY. Order online from and receive delivery on time at your doorstep. Try now!

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