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Benefits of Forced Convection Oven

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Despite the fact that forced air and convection ovens have the same function, they heat in quite different ways. By using a fan to compel the circulation of warm air throughout the chamber, a forced-air oven works. Similar to a furnace, they operate by forcing hot air via a duct to evenly distribute heat around the chamber. A fan distributes hot air in a consistent manner, hastening drying and heat absorption.

On the idea that hot air would naturally rise when it expands and becomes less dense than the surrounding air, a gravity convection oven is based. As it rises and starts to fall, the heat energy will be lost. It is appropriate for powdered items because temperature consistency is not a concern.

In a forced-convection oven, where are the heating elements located?

The heating elements are housed in a separate external casing in a Forced Convection Oven rather than inside the specimen chamber. Air is blown over the heating elements by the motorized fan, either vertically or horizontally into the warming chamber.

Do Lab Ovens Allow Cooking?

Lab ovens aren’t made for cooking. They are intended for usage in the industry and research sectors. Testing, processing, drying, experiment management, and sterilizing are examples of applications.

What Benefits and Drawbacks Does a Forced Convection Oven Offer?

Making use of a Forced Convection Oven has some benefits. More evenly distributed heat is offered by these ovens. Additionally, a forced convection oven dries samples more quickly, which is important if you work in a setting that processes samples quickly.

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks to the forced convection oven. In a forced convection oven, improper loading and placing of many trays can change the airflow since it can limit the flow in particular sections of the chamber. The consistency of temperature inside the chamber is impacted by this restriction or reduction. What makes it unique from other ovens is a further drawback. Compared to natural ovens, the motorized fan uses more energy.

In forced convection ovens, a motor-driven circulating fan is positioned between the inner and outer housings of the appliance. They contain a timer that regulates the heating element and fan. This type of oven operates more quickly than conventional ovens because they use a fan that continuously circulates to promote more rapid cooking and even heat distribution.

Forced convection ovens are primarily made to reduce the amount of time needed for heating. To achieve optimum accuracy, the temperature inside these machines is controlled by a hydraulic-type thermostat or a digital controller with a microprocessor-based temperature controller and cum indication.

Forced convection can be used during many different forms of mixing to essentially spread one component to another. Even natural processes, such as the expansion of air and bulk airflow brought on by a fire, can result in forced convection. In this kind of procedure, the fan quickly circulates hot air to force heat more quickly than would happen just from heating even without a fan.


  • Threefold tempered glass viewing window;
  • Pull-down door handle;
  • Rounded inner chamber corners for easy cleaning and better airflow;
  • Stainless steel interior;
  • Gravity-flow convection with vertical airflow for uniform sample heating;
  • Controlling inner air vapor circulation with two circular adjustable top slide vents;
  • Rounded inner chamber corners.

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