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Benefits of Using WildGlow Vitamin C Face Moisturizer!

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You must have used many Vitamin C Moisturisers and it is probably made with orange extract, citric acid, or lemon. But you hadn’t heard of Vitamin C Moisturiser made with Pumpkin fruit extract. Yes, you heard that right! Let me burst your bubble now.

WildGlow has launched the first-ever in India “Vitamin C Glow Booster Moisturiser” or Vitamin C face moisturizer which is made with pumpkin and works to make your skin super light and glow. Vitamin C is one of the most important things to play in your skincare routine. This is because vitamin C is an outstanding anti-aging solution. It also addresses common skin issues such as acne, pimples, and blackheads.

Let me take you to the benefits of using Vitamin C in your skincare routine:

  • Protects Against Sun Damage: Vitamin C protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which speed up aging and cause spots. It also strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. Before going outside in the sun, make sure you use this face moisturiser.
  •  Lightens up Your Skin Tone: The pumpkin extracts and Kernel oil works together to treat hyperpigmentation, control melanin production, and smooths your skin. It is proven that on the first use, you will get an instant glow and a makeup-ready look.
  •  Improved Skin Health: Vitamin C is an important nutrient that promotes overall skin health. It can aid in the reduction of inflammation, the promotion of healing, and the overall function of the skin barrier.
  • Reduces Under-eye Circles: Say goodbye to the concealers that you have used to cover up your dark circles. This moisturiser has antioxidant properties even for skin tones including dark circles. It also works to reduce your fine line and wrinkles.
  • Protects Against Environmental Stressors: Another advantage of using a vitamin C face moisturiser is that it can help protect your skin from environmental stresses including pollution, UV rays, and blue light. Vitamin C is a very potent antioxidant that may neutralize free radicals, which are unstable chemicals that can harm your skin cells and cause premature aging. You can help to protect your skin from environmental damage by using a vitamin C face moisturiser.
  • Promotes Collagen Production: Collagen is an essential protein for preserving the structure and elasticity of the skin. Our collagen production naturally diminishes as we age, which can result in wrinkles, sagging, and loss of firmness. Vitamin C, on the other hand, can aid in boosting collagen formation, which can help to keep your skin looking young and vibrant. You can boost collagen synthesis and improve the overall texture and tone of your skin by using a vitamin C face moisturizer.

WildGlow Vitamin C Face Moisturizer to Try:

A Vitamin C Glow Booster Moisturizer is the right product to incorporate into your skincare regimen. It’s simple to use, and anyone can do it. A moisturizer is another great technique to guarantee that your skin receives all of the benefits that it has to offer. This is because moisturizer has a smooth consistency, allowing it to permeate deeper layers of your skin. Vitamin C normally produces results in about a week, but you must continue to consume it to preserve your results. Your skin will appear brighter and your scars will be less visible, and as time passes, you will notice a wonderful shine on your skin, and your lines and wrinkles will begin to diminish. So, order now and welcome your skin’s new best friend! 

You can also try out 20% Vitamin C serum from WildGlow before using the moisturizer. This will help you to maintain healthy skin while boosting radiance and glow. 

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