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Asdialer | Best Auto Dialer Types For Contact Centers 2023

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What Is An Auto Dialer?

The auto dialer function is already included in its name – that is, software that extracts a list of telephone numbers (usually from a database) and then automatically dials the numbers, one at a time.

Whenever it finds the line busy, or the answering machine or fax, it hangs up the call and tries to connect to the next phone number. If there is an answer, the call is immediately transferred to an operator. The Auto Dialer can also collect useful data for operators, such as highlighting which calls were answered by the recipient and also their duration.

What is the main goal of automatic dialers? Allowing operators to save the time and energy of manually dialing numbers and waiting for an answer.

This way, operators can fully concentrate on the calls rather than listening for a busy tone. Regardless of industry or activity, if agents have to make several calls a day, an automatic dialer reduces downtime and increases productivity tenfold.

Traditional automatic dialers required a PC equipped with suitable software, a voice modem and an active telephone line. Today however, with modern call centers based on online cloud solutions, it is no longer necessary to invest in additional hardware or maintain a landline telephone line. all you need is a stable internet connection and sign up for a platform. Many providers already offer services including different types of automatic dialers.

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Types Of Auto Dialer

There are various types of auto dialer on the market. These solutions offer several advantages, for example they can increase the productivity of operators and improve the conversion rate of offers. Let’s analyze the various types and their respective characteristics.

Preview Dialer

A preview dialer provides operators with information about the next person to call before dialing the number. After an operator ends a call, they can verify the customer’s information and decide whether to contact them, or move on to the next name. In this way, the operator has everything necessary to manage the call, such as data relating to customer problems or information necessary to propose an offer adapted to the customer’s profile.

If the operator has to handle complicated cases on a regular basis that require some preparation, a preview dialer is the best solution.

Voice Broadcast

A voice broadcast dialer allows you to send pre-recorded voice messages to several people at the same time. It can be used to send urgent notifications, surveys, reminders and special offers. One possibility is to start a message when the customer answers the phone, or a voice broadcast dialer can be used to leave a pre-recorded message.

A voice broadcasting solution is especially useful if, for example, you need to quickly send a message to several people at once to warn them of downtime or to send a payment reminder every month.

Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer is similar to a preview dialer, as it allows operators to verify customer data before each call. The difference is that the operator cannot skip calls, as the dialer dials the next number right after the current call. If the line is busy, voicemail comes on, or the call hangs up, the dialer ends the call and dials the next number.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers make operators more efficient than ever by giving them the ability to make multiple calls at once, not one at a time.

Don’t worry: they won’t have to manage them all at the same time! A predictive dialer uses an algorithm to monitor agents’ activities in real time and calculates when they will be available for the next call. In this way, the predictive dialer adjusts the timing and duration of the call so that the operator can have a new call waiting when the current one ends.

Be careful when using this type of dialer: it may happen that a customer receives and answers a call when no operator is available. Also, a predictive dialer doesn’t give agents enough time to look up customer data before calling. Therefore, it may not be ideal for complex calls.

Smart Dialers


All phone numbers used by the dialer come from an internal database, such as an integrated CRM or helpdesk. What if you want to use phone numbers from an online table or website? ASDialer iconic Smart Dialer comes to your aid!

The Smart Dialer scans the content of a website, finds phone numbers and automatically adds them to the call queue. You just need to add a “Click-to-call” extension to your browser and activate it: CloudTalk will start looking for phone numbers automatically.

Once contacts are added to your call queue, you can manage them however you like: contact them immediately, or call them back if you don’t get an answer.


Automated dialers can prove to be a very valuable asset for businesses. In addition to preventing operators from wasting time waiting for a connection, they provide operators with customer data which will prompt them to accept the offer. Furthermore, companies can choose between different types of automatic dialers and find the one that best suits their needs.

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