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Brush Cutter that are Powered by Electricity and Batteries

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One of the most important pieces of garden equipment is a Brush Cutter or strimmer. It helps clean up the edges and corners of the garden that your lawnmower cannot get. Whether you have a modest garden that needs maintenance or you work as a landscaper for a living, STIHL will have a solution that is appropriate for your circumstances.

Finding the correct Brush Cutter can be challenging, with options ranging from the more conventional gasoline-powered models to the more recent battery-powered and electric models. Everything is going to be determined by the kind of garden you have and how you want to put the tool to use! We have selected some of our most popular models to provide you with an overview of the various possibilities available from STIHL.

Gasoline-powered STIHL hedge trimmers

The STIHL FS 38 is the company’s lightest and most compact petrol grass trimmer. It is explicitly designed for tidying up lawn edges and tiny sections of grass around the home. It has an Auto Cut C 6-2 cutting head, which makes it ideal for putting the finishing touches on your lawn, and it comes standard with the product. There is also the STIHL FS 55 and the FS 55R, which are more extensive options and come equipped with a comfortable bike handle or a loop handle, depending on the model. These are well suited for use in more extensive gardens while also being an excellent choice for use around the house as a residential strimmer.

Regarding the engine’s power, the STIHL FS 111 and FS 111R take things to the next level. This model’s engine has a capacity of 31.4 cm3, making it ideal for working across expansive sections of the environment. It can cut through stricter grass, weeds, and thistles since it has various replaceable cutting implements.

In addition, STIHL offers the FS 240 C, a chainsaw. So that is ideally suited for work in agricultural and horticultural settings. This apparatus has a 37.7 cm3 engine, a control lever with multiple functions, and a comfortable harness as standard equipment. We are pleased to announce the arrival of the all-NEW Professional FS 461 C-EM clearing saw. So which is a direct replacement for the FS 460 C-EM. This is geared for the more experienced user and features a large engine that measures 45.6 cm3 in displacement. It can manage regions of difficult grass and comes equipped with the STIHL Ergostart. So which reduces the effort necessary to start the tool by one-half.

STIHL Cordless Brush cutters Powered by Batteries

Have you ever thought about switching to tools powered by batteries? Options that are powered by batteries are rapidly becoming a favorite alternative. So for a growing number of landscapers and homeowners alike. They are silent and emit no pollutants, and there is no need to muck. But around with different fuel and oil combinations. You only need to charge the battery, and you’ll be good to go! Depending on the model, STIHL provides either the AK or the AP battery system for their power tools.

The FSA 45 is the most compact battery model that can be purchased. Because it already has a built-in battery with a charge level indicator in the package. There is no longer any need to buy a separate battery and charger. When it comes to simple tasks of trimming around the house, it is a wise option. Plastic PolyCut blades from STIHL are an additional option worth considering. It is pretty simple to use, doesn’t weigh much, and is a very well-liked alternative.

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