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Can you run a successful brand without a logo in 2022?

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Every brand we see nowadays has a logo. It tells us one thing: Logos are critical. But what if we don’t have logos for our businesses? Would our businesses run the same without having logos? We’ll address these questions in this blog post.

Firstly, know the difference between business and brand. A brand is a business that is recognized. Brand turns a business into a symbol by making it recognized on a larger or smaller scale, depending on the brand itself. We’ll get into detail about brands and business later in the post. However, if you are looking for a logo for your brand, you can reach out to any good and affordable logo design service.

What Kind of Businesses Needs Logos?

A business especially requires a logo more when it is only available online. However, it doesn’t mean a physical business doesn’t require a logo. Every famous logo you see today belongs to a physical business, whether it is a food business like McDonald’s, a computer hardware business like IBM, or a software business like Microsoft. The difference is that they are all old and established businesses. They all made their place in the global market and are recognized everywhere. We’ll discuss in the next section why logos are important for online businesses.

X Reasons why Internet Businesses Need Logos


1. The online world is saturated

According to reports, there are over a billion websites on the internet. An online business requires a website too. However, you might find businesses that run through Facebook and Instagram pages without having a website. But those businesses who look forward to making brands have a website. Among those billion websites, there could be a lot of business websites. And the internet world is not like a road where we pass by and see shops around. Our shops are in the form of links that appear if optimized for the right keywords. This is called search engine optimization.

Dealing with online saturation

If we optimize our website, it appears on the search engine results page. After that, it starts receiving organic traffic. But the story isn’t over yet. Its optimization could be of zero use if it has no good branding. If people visit it and don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll leave. If its design is too complex, they can leave too. Thus, people focus on branding, and branding involves logo creation as well.

2. Every other brand has a Logo

You’d never see a business website that is selling something, and it doesn’t have a logo. Moreover, if they have a physical presence, you’ll also not see that they don’t have a logo outside their shop. It’s because the logos make them prominent. It attracts people to look at their shop. A logo is a symbol that gives a business identity. Evey online business needs an identity. You’d be lost in a saturated marketplace without it, and no one would find you.

There are three things every online business needs. We will briefly cover each of them below.

I. Quality Products and Services

The first and foremost thing is quality products/services. You either provide a service or sell something when you do a business. Whatever you do online, you should do it in the best way possible. This is the root of your business that needs to be the best. If you fail here, you won’t be able to retain customers for so long. Imagine you see a very attractive fast food shop online, and you order some burgers and fries through them. Everything about their website was great, their logo, website design, and written content. But when you taste their food tastes, it is not good. Would you like that or order their food again? Well, most people wouldn’t.

II. Search Engine Optimization

This is what we need to make ourselves prominent on the internet. No Seo means no business. It’s because no one will be able to find us on the internet if our website is not to search engine optimized. To do SEO, we recommend you hire an SEO expert. He will optimize your content for the right target audience. As a result, you’ll start receiving traffic on your website, and your journey to generate business online will start. However, before you do SEO of your website, it’s important to do the branding. Let’s talk about it in the next section.

III. Good Branding

It’s no wonder people will click on your website and immediately exit. You might have done that too due to several reasons, such as a bad website view, not finding what you were looking for, etc. Bad website view comes under branding. If you don’t have a good logo and good overall website design and structure, the user can leave it. That’s why businesses nowadays focus on creating stunning websites that can make the user spend some time on their website. Since the more time he spends on a brand’s website, the better it is for the business, as he could be the one who buys something from there.

As a result, all of them are essential for an online business. Take one of them out of the puzzle, and you won’t make a successful brand.

Difference between Business and Brand

Every brand is a business, but not every business is a brand. All the local shops nearby you might be doing perfect business, but not all of them are brand shops. If a business has a physical store and runs well, we call it a good business. Its owner doesn’t have to make his business a huge brand. It’s his individual choice and depends on his goals.

On the other hand, a brand is a business that is recognized everywhere. We see its ads, social media pages, websites, and every person talking about it.


So, a successful brand needs a logo. However, you don’t need to make a fancy symbol and call it a logo. You can even use your name letters creatively and make a logo like IBM and Google. However, don’t copy anyone. Do brainstorming and come up with an idea about your logo. You can take professional’s help in that as well.

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