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Check out your MIPS 2022 Final Score Today: Preview Available Now!

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MIPS reporting takes exciting turns from the beginning of a reporting period to the final scoring. All the participants actively participate so that they never miss out on things. For now, participants have successfully made their way to PY 2023. However, this is not all. They are still desperately waiting for their MIPS final scores for PY 2022 reporting. So, QPP MIPS has brought exciting news for all those participants in MIPS 2023. Here is an update on regarding MIPS 2022 final scores; participants can preview their final scores.

In this blog, we will cover the details regarding the MIPS 202 score preview. Also, we will clarify some of the queries that most of the participants may have.

MIPS Score Preview Period: A Sneak Peek into Your Performance

During the MIPS feedback process, the Final Score Preview period is a pivotal stage. It allows medical practitioners to gain insight into their final results. Remember that your final 2022 score will determine your MIPS payment adjustment in 2024. However, you can see a preview of your MIPS 2022 score before the payment adjustment information is released.

The Significance of the MIPS Final Score Preview Period

CMS promotes open communication, aiming to improve the feedback process. It intends to proactively detect and resolve any potential problems before the payment adjustments. Therefore, it gives as accurate a final score as possible.

Preview Your MIPS 2022 Scoring: How to Access

Please follow these steps to access your MIPS final score:

  • Use your login information and sign in to the Quality Payment Programme website:
  • Now, go to the home page after logging in.
  • Find and select the “Preview Final Score” option. You may also select “Performance Feedback” from the menu on the left.
  • *Please note that scores are subject to change before continuing. *
  • Select your participation type. Choose the relevant choice if you are a practice, an APM entity, or a virtual group.
  • *Access to both individual and group feedback is available to practice representatives via their practice organization. *

FAQs regarding MIPS 2022 Scoring Preview

If participants have any queries regarding their scores, they can simply ask CMS vendors. They will respond to you as soon as they get your queries. You can also get detailed information from related webinars on the official websites of QPP and CMS. If they are not helpful to you, it’s always better to ask your CMS vendor. We, as a MIPS-qualified registry, can also help you. Here we have answered some common queries for you that you may find helpful:

What data is accessible during the Final Score Preview period?

The performance feedback will display information on the highest final score that the participant may claim during the Preview Period. It will contain all the information required to determine the final scores, which includes the following:

  • Performance-category-level scoring
  • Bonus points
  • Measure-level performance data and scoring
  • Activity-level scoring

[Attention! The information concerning payment modifications or patient-level reports will not be included in the Final Score Preview.]

Is it feasible for my scores to alter during the Final Score Preview period?

Yes, the scores may change between now and August. The reason may be any problems during the Preview period that need system-wide scoring revisions.

What is the anticipated release date for MIPS payment adjustments?

Adjustments to MIPS 2022 payments should become available in August 2023. It will also come with the final performance feedback. There will be a 60-day targeted review period following the release of the payment adjustment information by CMS. Clinicians have the choice to ask for a review of the MIPS payment adjustment calculations during this time.

What if there is an error in the data displayed during the MIPS Final Score Preview period?

In this case, we, as a MIPS-qualified registry, recommend that you contact the QPP. You can reach them in the following ways:

  • Via email at
  • Creating a QPP Service Centre ticket
  • By phone at 1-866-288-8292.

*If you are deaf or hard of hearing, call 711 to be connected to a TRS Communications Assistant. *

Please be aware that concerns brought up during the MIPS Final Score Preview period are not taken into account during the targeted review phase. Clinicians can ask for a review of their MIPS payment adjustment calculation through the targeted review process. So, when the information on the MIPS payment change is made public, it will be accessible.

Who has access to the MIPS Final Score Preview?

MIPS Final Score Preview is accessible to follow whether they report traditional MIPS or APP.

  • Eligible clinicians
  • Authorized practices representatives
  • Virtual groups
  • APM Entities (including ACOs)

During the Final Score Preview period, access to MIPS final scores varies based on the user’s role and participation type.

Practice Reps

If the practice participated at the group level, Staff Users or Security Officials with the Practice role can access the final scores from individual and/or group participation.

APM Entity Reps

APM Entity role holders who are Staff Users or Security Officials can see the MIPS final results for their specific APM Entity.

MSSP ACOs QPP Security Officials, or QPP Staff Users

By using your ACO-MS username and password to log in to the QPP website, you can examine the ACO’s MIPS final score if you are a designated contact in the ACO Management System (ACO-MS).

Virtual Group Reps

MIPS final results from virtual group participation can be previewed by Staff Users or Security Officials with the Virtual Group role.


MIPS 2022 has been a tough reporting year for QPP MIPS since CMS revised the final rule. Therefore, the MIPS participants have strived hard to stay ahead of the game. They have taken several risks to showcase the quality of the services they render and the potential they have. The MIPS 2022 final score preview period is a time for clinicians to check the outcome of their struggles. Also, how can they revise the strategies for MIPS 2023 when CMS has already introduced MVPs?

Feel free to ask if you have queries other than those answered above. QPP MIPS, as a qualified registry, will help you understand the MIPS maze.

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