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Chef Coats & Colors – What to Choose & Why

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Marie-Antoine Careme, a well-known French chef, is credited with inventing the chef’s outfit. In 1822, he drew two custom chef coats in uniform to represent what he considered was the perfect look for a chef. His aim was to instill professionalism in the field. This outfit became more widespread in the late 1800s. Many cooks today wear a similar, but more modern twist on this time-honored practice.

There are numerous styles to pick from, not to mention colors. In this post, we’ll look at the various uniform alternatives available to chefs, what the different chef jacket colors represent, and which situations each type of uniform is most suited for.

Do Chefs Have to Wear Coats?

Chefs do not require to wear a conventional cotton jacket, and many prefer not to. Traditional attire has been less fashionable in recent years. As many chefs opt to wear plain t-shirts.

Celebrity cooks who prefer a more relaxed approach, such as Tom Kerridge have popularized this. A basic t-shirt paired with chef trousers and an apron is becoming a common appearance in many kitchens.

A tee has the advantage of being lighter in weight, which allows the chef to stay cooler. Another advantage is that chef jackets can be expensive. However, a chef can get a lot of simple T-Shirts for a very low price.

Importance of Uniform Colors

In most circumstances, the restaurant will select the color and design of uniforms for its chefs and staff. This is typically an aesthetic decision informed by the overall design and branding of the establishment. However, some specific colors do serve a practical purpose. Such as white, which represents hygiene and cleanliness and repels heat from the kitchen. It is also seen as classic or traditional. Black, on the other hand, can hide stains. Which in turn, allows the workers to work in the open kitchens. So that, the people can see them.

What Does the Color of Custom Chef Jackets Signify?

The color of a chef’s garment does not have a specific connotation. It usually boils down to the cook’s own taste or the necessity to match the aesthetic of the dining facility. Sometimes, a restaurant owner may implement a color scheme to distinguish distinct groups of personnel. Such as all primary cooks, including the head chef in white-colored custom chef coats. Whereas, preparation cooks in black, and other kitchen staff in blue. Furthermore, lower-level and mid-level cooks frequently wear black and white striped trousers. But the upper-level chefs wear solid black. Traditionally, white used to elevate the status of the cooking career. Therefore, many cooks today wear white custom chef coats to honor that heritage. Although, many others wear black or other colors. Colors are seen as more of a fashion statement rather than anything else.

What Combination of Color Suits Your Brand?

The color scheme is very important for any brand. So, make certain that the hues you select for your chef’s apparel suit your brand identification. The aesthetics of your eating facility is an excellent way to consider.

First, consider your restaurant’s theme — is it rustic and homey, more upmarket, or quite traditional? And find color contrasts and combinations that support it. A rustic theme, for example, could be inspired by nature and include a lot of greens, browns, and neutral colors. In addition to this, make sure that your uniforms represent the corporate identity. That also aims for consistency in your interior decoration, dinnerware, signs, menus, and staff attire.

You should also try to create a mood by using your chef’s gear. Blues and purples are appropriate for places that provide a quiet, comfortable dining experience, whereas brighter and stronger colors are appropriate for a livelier environment, such as a fast-food restaurant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Chef Jacket Colors

If you’re in a kitchen and have free reign to wear any color jacket you want, knowing the pros and disadvantages of each color option will come in handy. For the purposes of this comparison, I’ve classified any color that isn’t white as a ‘darker color.’

Pros of Darker Chef Uniform Colors:

  • Darker colors conceal the detritus that allows a cook to look presentable even at the end of a long shift.
  • They provide the kitchen with a modern aesthetic appearance without the stuffiness associated with classic chef whites.
  • You can wash the tops alongside the dark-colored aprons and trousers.

Cons of Darker Chef Uniform Colors

  • A chef may purchase a variety of darker uniforms. But then transfer to a kitchen that requires all chefs to wear white. Their entire uniform would be rendered useless.
  • It is possible that by displaying the dirt less prominently, a food hygiene concern will arise.
  • Darker colors become hotter. Anyone who has sat in the sun wearing a dark t-shirt knows how hot it can get. Since a kitchen can get very hot, so keep this in mind.

Pros of White Chef Uniform

  • In a hot kitchen, white aids you to keep cool.
  • It shows dirt and debris plainly, resultantly preventing food hygiene issues.
  • A white uniform is wearable in every kitchen. Even if everyone else is wearing darker colors. It is rare that a head chef will take offense if one of their chefs chooses to wear white.

Disadvantages of White Chef Uniform

  • After a hard day in the kitchen, you may appear untidy. Moreover, every single blunder made by the cook is clearly visible in white!
  • You have to wash it separately from the darker trousers and aprons. If not, the whites turn an off-white color, which does not produce a good image.
  • In today’s sophisticated kitchens, it can appear out of place.

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