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China overseas port holding company pledges to build ‘dynamic’

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Chinese firm aims to build dynamic Gwadar port. Zhang Baozhong, chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC). said Saturday that The newly created Pak-China Friendship Green Park in Gwadar will gradually integrate into the region’. most important cultural landscape. He said the company will cooperate with the local people of Gwadar. to create a dynamic Gwadar port with a strong economy and better environment. “I hope that the development of Gwadar Port will benefit the entire Gwadar City. and realize a win-win situation between economic development and environment,” he said. According to a report published by China Economic Net (CEN). named after the Pakistan-China Friendship Green Park.

Forest planting work

The forest planting work completed last week.China overseas port holding company joined forces with Gwadar and Puyang. sister cities in Henan Province, China and abroad. The park located on the southern side of the China-Pakistan Friendship. Highway leading to the harbor and beneath the Ko-e-Batil Gwadar hills. It covers an area of 60 acres. The park has a tropical desert climate. There is little rainfall and the temperature fluctuates greatly in summer and winter. Survival rate of plants in low alkaline soil. Considering these difficulties. COPHC has made every effort to transform Gwadar’s ecological environment. by improving the agricultural land in the region. and has successfully planted hundreds of low-cost tropical trees. A species that can adapt to high temperatures, salt and alkalis, wind and sand, and drafts.

Economic Corridor

Gwadar, the gateway to the $62 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. (CPEC)is a little-known fishing village called Gwadar on Pakistan’s Makran Coast. just 172 km (107 miles) from Chabahar and bordering with Iran. And now the two ports are becoming shipping hubs for China and India respectively. CPEC launched the New Great Game in South Asia with plans to connect Xinjiang’s Kashgar with Gwadar. on the Makran coast in the province of Baluchistan. Pakistan’s largest which expected to bring economic prosperity to the region. And it’s part of President Xi Jinping’s dream to revitalize the country. “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is an important circuit in the Greater Belt. and Road Initiative chain and will enable the potential of the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road.” He Lifang chairman of the China National Development. and Reform Commission.

Pakistan gained independence

It’s called the Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR). Projects like CPEC renamed Silk Road. and the Maritime Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are likely to launch. It is not widely known that when India. and Pakistan gained independence from Great Britain in 1947. Gwadar was a territory held by the Sultanate of Oman for almost 200 years. It created in 1783 from 1863 until Gained independence in 1947. it managed by a British political alliance in the name of the Sultanate of Oman. Because the two countries have good relations with each other. When the Khan of Qalat asked the Sultan of Oman to send Gwadar. back to Pakistan on the orders of the Pakistani government. It reported that the Sultan had previously offered a port to India. But India refused to accept this gift. Oman reportedly sold Gwadar to Pakistan on September 8, 1958 for US$3 million. Since December 1958. Oman has been an integral part of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. It is now a deep sea port with Chinese assistance.

Pakistan-China Relations and CPEC

China-Pakistan relations have dubbed. the China overseas port holding company “Friendship in All Weather” by the leaders of the two countries. “Higher than the mountains, deeper than the sea, sweeter than steel. Harder than honey.” The two countries conspired to develop nuclear weapons and missiles. They are also closely linked in the production of military equipment. Most of Pakistan’s military equipment comes from China. With the formation of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). the relationship between the two grows. The ties grew closer as the two countries. began trying to persuade Afghanistan Iran and Russia to join.

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