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Choosing a Dash Camera for Your Car: The Ultimate Guide

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Dashboard cameras are perfect accessories for all vehicles. They help record video footage of events when driving. Most drivers use them to relive the good moments during a road trip with family and friends. These cameras have become popular over the years, for enhancing a vehicle’s safety and its occupants’ security.

The influx of dash cams from hundreds of brands makes it difficult for buyers to find the best options. While all perform the same duty, recording video footage of events outside or inside the car, a few features differentiate them.

Here are factors to consider when looking for a dash cam for your car :-

  • Number of Cameras

Standard dashboard cameras have only one camera, which records what is in front of the vehicle. While it fulfills basic recording purposes, it rarely captures footage of the car’s rear, side and interior. High-end dashboard cameras have front and cabin-facing cameras for all-round visibility.

Choose a dash cam like the Kent CamEye CarCam 2 with dual recording capabilities for front and interior coverage of your car. This is also the best camera for fleet management of business vehicles.

  • Wireless Connectivity

In this era where smart devices are widespread, it is sensible to have a dashboard camera, or dash cam, that connects to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity lets the motorist view footage in real-time, adjust camera settings, and sustain 2-way communication. Choose a dash cam like the Kent CamEye CarCam 2 that automatically uploads recorded footage to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

  • Internal Storage

Video footage consumes a lot of storage space. Choosing a dash cam with sufficient storage is crucial. Some dash cams have bigger internal storage space, eliminating the need for external storage. The standard storage space for most cameras is around 4 GB, but high-end brands can reach up to 16 GB. Fortunately, the Kent CamEye CarCam 2 dash camera for cars has a MicroSD card slot, expanding the memory to 512 GB. It also has cloud storage capabilities allowing you to review the footage later without worrying about storage space running out.

  • Field of View

A camera’s field of view describes the width of footage it covers when centrally mounted on the windscreen. A wider field of view (FOV) allows you to see more of your environment at a given time. The FOV should not be too wide to the point where it distorts the image by spreading out the pixels. A great camera should capture in front of your vehicle and highlight activity on the sides you may not view when driving.

  • Image Quality

Among all the features that dash cameras for cars have, image quality remains one of the more important ones. High-quality cameras produce better pictures, allowing you to see different details of events. The key determinant of quality images is the resolution shown by the number of vertical pixels in an image. 1080p is a great camera starting point since more pixels translate to better images. A 4K camera would suffice if you have the budget.

This guide covers a few areas that will help you understand the different options in dashcams. They make the purchasing process easier and more focused. Choose a 1080p camera with Wi-Fi connectivity and dual recording for better experience.

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