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Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturers In India Have a Great Future

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Big Picture Of Cleanroom Equipment India

Major Industries like pharma, electronics, food processing, glass (lens) manufacturing, critical machinery assembly area, and various other sectors, have implemented GMP systems, which has proportionally pushed the cleanroom equipment industry to grow exponentially in India. The situation for India appears promising, and with increased exposure to international developments in this field, the Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturers in India are also trying to emulate and update their technology.

Because of GMP Technical Solutions, the cleanroom equipment suppliers have experienced considerable growth during the past twenty years. Shortly, there will likely be a robust requirement as more and more pharma/biotech/healthcare and electronics industries will need this technology. 

The cleanroom equipment manufacturers in India are gradually moving towards manufacturing critical equipment like aseptic isolators, containment systems providing nanogram level, and biosafety cabinets for BSL-3 & 4 applications. Fortunately, there is a big opportunity for such equipment in the Indian and international markets. India has a unique advantage in terms of good quality and competitive costs. Therefore, it can easily increase its global market share by following international regulations and global quality standards. 

As far as the competitiveness of Indian products is concerned, nowadays, a large number of indigenous suppliers operate in the manufacturing of cleanroom equipment. The availability of specialized and skilled personnel and design and construction expertise makes the job easier. All these factors have made construction costs very competitive, which has given a definite edge to cleanroom Equipment manufacturers in India compared to imported equipment. However, for critical containment technologies and isolators, the quality of the components and workmanship still have a lot of scope for improvement. Therefore, the industry’s global ambitions require better R & D efforts.

Challenges for Cleanroom equipment suppliers

The overall prospects look bright, but some problems persist because there is still no uniform specification product industry-wise. There is still a lot of variation in specifying the cleanroom products and specifications by different consultants and architects. Cleanroom equipment manufacturers in India are extremely competitive in comparison to international suppliers. However, due to excise duty and local taxes, it becomes uncompetitive, particularly against Chinese products. It needs to change immediately.

Need for a Regulatory Authority

However, to make our products more competitive, there is an urgent need to form a national body regulating cleanroom equipment design and quality assurance programs. This national body should work in different areas of formulation board based design specifications, the introduction of local codes and standards as per user requirement, implementation procedures, operational methodologies, maintenance and validation procedures, training and certifications of skilled manpower to take up such jobs, conducting regular training programs and seminars for every level of management.

Soon new products and manufacturing processes will require adaptation by cleanroom equipment manufacturers in India. It is critical because demand for cleanroom equipment will emerge from not only the Indian domestic markets but also overseas clients, especially from Europe and the US are also on the rise.

Air shower cleanroom

Air shower cleanroom is a specialized antechamber that works as an entryway for cleanrooms to reduce particle contamination. Air-shower cleanrooms use high-pressure filtered air to remove dust, fibrous lint, and other pollutants. 

 What is the purpose of an air shower Cleanroom?

 An air shower is a gateway controller between your cleanroom and the outside world. It helps reduce many potential contaminants and ensures your product remains safe and uncontaminated. In the last twenty years, air shower manufacturers have received very good responses from the local and overseas markets.

Are Indian cleanroom equipment manufacturers competitively priced compared to other countries?

Cleanroom Equipment India is set for big growth. The industry has seen considerable growth during the past two decades and will grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years. India is well placed with more than over 20,000 pharmaceutical plants and with 200 medium- and large-sized research and development companies; there is a huge market for cleanroom equipment suppliers, 

Government’s liberalized rules and encouraging industrial policies, many global pharma majors have begun to outsource manufacturing from Indian companies that offer much lower costs than their western countries.

Keeping the global market scenario in mind, many Indian companies have converted their plants to cGMP-compliant. Today, India has the largest number of USFDA-approved plants outside the US. Taking all these factors into account, India will continue to grow and increase its pharma cleanroom market share at the expense of Europe. 

Overseas Cleanroom Equipment market

The United States and Europe still dominate most cleanroom equipment markets worldwide. The US and Puerto Rico hold about 40 percent share of the world’s pharma and biotech cleanroom space, while Europe has a 34 percent market share and the rest of the world contributes just 28 percent.

From 1990 to 2004, R&D investment in the United States grew almost five times; in Europe, it grew by 2.7 times. Also, between 1993 and 2003, the US market grew by 11.9 percent per annum. Market revenues in Europe from bio and pharmaceutical cleanrooms represent more than a quarter of the world’s total cleanroom expenditure. 

The pharma industry remains the largest contributor to European trade in high-technology, research, and development-intensive sectors. Anglo-Swedish companies AstraZeneca and Novartis of Switzerland have maintained their traditional monopoly in the cleanroom equipment segments.


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