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Complete Buying Guide for Door Knobs You Must Know

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In this globalised world, purchasing door knobs should be simple, but there are a few things to be aware of. You must assess whether it complements the aesthetic of your home by taking into account all the attributes. These attributes are such as style, size, and finish of different knobs like mortice door knobs. If we talk about the straightforward purpose of door knobs having the turning to provide access to a space. But they should also be seen as ornamental pieces of furniture. So, in order to assist you with your upcoming purchase, we are going to tell you suggestions for door knobs.

Things to Remember while Purchasing the Door Knobs

1. Style

There is a wide variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. To begin with, you should consider the overall design of your home to choose the suitable door knobs. You should think about using a traditional oval or circular form or a wooden design. Think whether you want the door knobs on your upstairs and downstairs doors to be similar styles or different.

2. Size of a doorknob

On a typical door, a knob should have a diameter of about 50mm. Mostly, larger doors may require a knob with a diameter of up to 75mm. We strongly suggest you make a template and think about how much of a feature you want. They are basically dependent on the doorknob to have in relation to the door to determine what you need.

3. Finish

There are many materials available, such as brass, nickel, chrome, bronze, and more. It will be crucial to make the right decision if you really want to complement the historical motif of your home. There are a variety of styles to fit any budget in the wide assortment.

4. Lock or Latch

If you haven’t locks or latches in your doors, you will need to buy these separately. While purchasing, check properly that the door knobs function properly. A rim lock that is mounted on the surface is an alternative to the mortise lock or latch. This is sculpted into the edge of a door and both of these options are regarded as decorative.

5. Half Dummy Door Knobs

Non-locking half-dummy door knobs don’t need to be spun. They are rotated in order to open or close a door. In order to open the door, you only pull on it. Most double doors close side-by-side, including those on cabinets and wardrobe doors. In this case, you can use half dummy door handles.

These beautiful door knobs are perfect for applications where a latch is not required.

They are effortlessly compatible with your interior decor and architectural attractiveness. This is because they come in a wide range of designer styles and finishes. They are also a cheap alternative for non-locking uses in the inner part of your home and are easy to install.

6. Entryway Door Knobs

Interior non-locking door knobs with a free turn and no key are known as passage knobs. They have a latch system, which will help to turn the handle and open the door. These passage knobs are really perfect for hallways, closets, and areas where privacy is not necessary. This is because they include two non-locking knobs on either side of the door.

These types of door knobs may be found in a wide range of designs and hues. You can use them to complement your home’s architecture and interior design. These kinds of knobs just lack the locking capability, as opposed to half-dummy levers or knobs which are non-functional.

7. Discretionary Doorknobs

You should use the privacy door handle for your Interior doors. A push-button or turn-button on the inside and an emergency key on the outside can lock and open them easily. Instead of being created for security, this kind of knob is for privacy. An emergency key or other narrow device can be inserted into a tiny hole on the outside knob. 

This is to open the lock from the outside in an emergency. This type of door knob style is frequently used in restrooms, bedrooms, and other private spaces. Explore online for a wide range of door knob designs, styles, and finishes.

8. Locks for Storage Doors

For storage doors, where an exterior door entry should always remain locked. This will happen unless unlocked with a key, and storeroom door knobs are utilised. The door knob lock is able to reset to lock when the key is taken out. 

Furthermore, the door will always be free to open from the inside. This will be applicable even if the door is unlocked from the inside, as soon as it closes, and locks. Make sure to avoid someone getting stuck in a storage space with no windows.

These door knobs are fire rated and are available in a range of shapes and finishes to meet your needs. They are used in storage rooms in order to maintain the highest level of storage security. This will make sure to verify the rating on storeroom knobs and other forms of locks.

9. Entry Door Knobs with Keys

Keyed entry knobs are able to be locked or unlocked. They are using either a turn button on the inside knob or a key on the outside knob. In case of an emergency, this feature is built with an emergency exit feature.

If we talk about the lock mechanism which may occasionally be located on both sides of the door. These knobs are typically used on doors that need extra protection. These protections are such as those that have nearby windows or glass panels. This would be easy for a burglar to break into, reach inside, and unlock.

Moreover, mortice door knobs can be used on interior doors as well, and are frequently seen on outside doors. They have a deadlock, which is able to increase the lock’s security. Numerous security elements, including security grading, and frequently with keyed access door knobs.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, in order to make your house or property secure, door knobs are essential. They add to a room’s aesthetic in addition to being useful. There are many various types of door knobs available to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you need to replace broken door knobs or want to modernise the look and design of the doors. After reading this article, you can easily examine the various designs and features. After considering all attributes you can select the ideal door knob function for each door. You should consider all the important aspects for all products like handles, washing line pulley, and many more.

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