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A Complete guide to Mobile Phone Repair and Electronics of all Brands

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The modern world is making mobile phones our best friends. People always look out for their phones and try their best not to let any damage occur. However, damage or malfunctioning does take place.

Smartphone brands like iPhone, Samsung do provide the users with a specific warranty period within which they can get their device repaired. However, after that period is over, you would have to get an extended warranty for iPhone or any phone that you are using.

An extended warranty for home appliances can help you get your devices repaired even after the original warranty period. Through it, you can ensure that your mobile phones can stay protected from any unforeseen damages. Let’s get to some details about it for you.

Why opt for an Extended Warranty?

Buying a new phone comes with huge costs. Whether you buy a phone from Apple or Samsung, you would incur huge costs, and they would come with a warranty period of around 12-24 months. 

However, if you buy an extended warranty for iPhone, then you can get an extra insurance period., The same goes for any other phone you have. You should ensure getting the Mobile Phone repair services from a reliable company. 

Check About the Mobile Extended Warranty Coverage:

Extended warranties for mobiles cover different types of hardware issues. They mainly cover issues due to malfunctioning defects. The main issues in the extended warranty plans include:

  • Battery: The extended warranties cover battery fails in a smartphone that occurs due to manufacturing defects.
  • Repairs: The extended warranties also cover any issues regarding the home button, liquid damage, or issues with any accessories of the mobile phone that occur due to malfunctioning issues.

What doesn’t an Extended Warranty Cover?

Although extended warranties cover the main repairs caused by manufacturing defects, there are several damages that it doesn’t cover. Such damages include:

  • Physical damage: When any physical damage occurs in a smartphone, such as a paintwork damage, scratches on the screen, or dents or scratches in the body, it won’t get covered in the Extended Warranty. 
  • Software-based malfunction: Any loss of data or defects in a mobile phone caused due to software malfunctioning or virus also wouldn’t be covered under the extended warranties.
  • Issues through unauthorized repair: Issues that occur in a mobile phone after repair through unauthorized personnel, then it won’t get covered in an extended warranty. 
  • Neglect: If any issues like loss, damage, or accident arise in your mobile phone due to your willful act or neglect, then it won’t get covered in your extended warranty coverage.

Exceptional Features of Extended Warranty:

When you opt for an extended warranty for your mobile phone, it can be highly beneficial for you. Such warranties and help your device to get repaired even after the original warranty period expires. Some of its benefits include:

  • Additional Warranty: With an Extended Warranty, you can get an approx. Of 2-3 years of Additional Warranty after the original Warranty of your phone expires. 
  • Cashless Repair: The mobile phone that you have bought the extended Warranty for wouldn’t even require you a cash payment upfront.
  • Free pick-up and drop: Several companies even offer free pick-up and drop off your mobile device for the Extended Warranty.


Hence, now you know all about extended Warranties for electronic appliances or an Extended Warranty for Refrigerator. It may help you to decide whether you want to get an extended warranty for your home appliances or not.

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