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Complete Information About Apollo Tyres

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Apollo Tyres Limited is the largest tyre manufacturer in India. For many years, Indian drivers have relied on Apollo tyres for comfort and ride quality. The company has over 5,000 approved dealerships across the country, including over 2,500 exclusive Apollo Tyre outlets. In 2016, the company began producing motorcycle tyres in addition to SUVs and car tyres. Apollo Tyres works hard to bring cutting-edge tyre innovations to the Indian market. The brand’s customer service offering has been enhanced by the recent update of convenience and safety procedures at authorised outlets and stores.

There are several tyre shop that provides apollo tyres but, Ashok Motors is the best Apollo Tyres shop in Noida. They sell apollo and other brands of tyres at reasonable prices. Apollo Tyres’ history spans a nation, a business, and a family. The Apollo brand, founded in 1972, is the preferred tyre for international and Indian OEMs. Commercial, passenger vehicles, two-wheelers, farm, and industrial products are all available from the company.

Popular tyres from Apollo

Apollo Tyres has a diverse tyre catering portfolio and has expanded into many different segments, including two-wheeler tyres, car and SUV tyres, truck/trailer and bus tyres, and others. Apollo and its products have become a household name in the country, known for producing tyres that appeal to everyone at reasonable prices. Some of the most popular tyres from various categories are listed below.

Apollo Amazer XL, Apollo Amazer 3G, Apollo Amazer 4G Life, Apollo Aspire 3G, Apollo Alnac 4G, Apollo Apterra, Apollo Amazer 3G Maxx, Apollo Quantum Plus, Apollo Altruist, and others are car tyres. Apollo Actizip, Apollo Actigrip R1, Apollo Alpha H1, Apollo Actisteer F1, Apollo Actigrip S3, Apollo Actigrip F8, and other bike tyres are available. Scooter tyres include the Apollo Actigrip S4, the Apollo Actizip S2, and the Apollo Actizip S1. Apollo Enducity UA, Apollo Duramile, Apollo Endu Race RT, Apollo Endu Mile LHD, Apollo Race MD, Apollo Endu Trax MD, and so on.

1. 235 65 r17 tyres size

If you want highly durable and puncture-resistant tyres for your vehicle, then 235 65 17 tyres are the best choice. Apollo 235 65 r17 tyres provide exceptional durability on all terrains. Furthermore, the 235 65 r17 tyres are specially designed for quick steering response. Everyone wants to travel safely and comfortably, but efficient tyres make this possible. Apollo Tyres is the best place to go if you wish for high-quality 235 65 r17 tyres at a reasonable price. The 235 65 r17 tyres cost very little at Apollo Tyres. We recognise the importance of your life. At Apollo Tyres, we believe in providing high-quality tyres at a reasonable price.

2. 175 70 r14 tyres size

In the event of a vehicle accident, the tyres serve as the first line of defence. The 175 70 14 tyres provide excellent control, ensuring overall safety and vehicle performance. The Apollo Tyres 175 70 r14 tyres provide a long life for your vehicle at a low cost per km.

The 175 70 r14 tyres are high-quality tyres that have a long service life. To improve the overall performance of a vehicle, it is critical to select the best tyres for your vehicle. Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Fabia, Skoda Rapid, Hyundai Verna, Hyundai i20, and Fiat Linemercedes are all compatible with the 175 70 r14 tyres.

3. 235 70 r16 tyres size

The 235 70 r16 tyres are best suited for strong, tough, and rugged SUVs that require long-lasting tyres to perform well on various terrains. The 235 70 r16 tyres from Apollo Tyres provide excellent vehicle stability while driving on and off-road. These tyres feature Saw-Tooth Shoulder technology for excellent traction on muddy/sandy surfaces. 

Finding the perfect tyre for your vehicle is not an easy task. However, you can learn a lot about different tyres on the official website of Apollo tyres, compare prices, and check the tyre’s compatibility. The 235 70 r16 tyres are ideal for Tata Harrier, Tata Safari, Tata Sumo Grande, Mahindra Scorpio, and Mahindra Thar vehicles.

How can you tell whether your tyres need more or less air pressure?

Your tyres are underinflated if you frequently feel like you need to press the throttle harder or if you are experiencing an up-and-down or sideways wavy motion while driving. On the other hand, if you experience more bumpiness than typical on a familiar road, your tyres are likely over-inflated.

Accuracy of gauges of tyre pressure 

When selecting a gauge, keep in mind that accuracy is important. You can find a reliable tyre pressure gauge that provides accurate readings for only a few dollars. Ask a qualified technician which one they recommend if you’re unsure which one to buy. Although a digital tyre pressure gauge will give precise readings, keep in mind that it relies on batteries to function. 

It’s advisable to use a conventional gauge if you believe that having to change the battery will prevent you from utilising it. Use your tyre gauge rather than one that is provided at service stations hooked to an air hose. They are the most susceptible to being weathered and potentially inaccurate of all the pressure gauges in use.

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