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When we think about some alternatives to heal our lives, the uses of the ambrosial crystals top the list. Crystals are believed to carry several healing attributes that keep their holder on the safe side. They bring peace of mind and eliminate depression and provide several endless benefits.

Crystals have been a long history and have prized for bringing hopes and positive energies to the wearer’s life since ancient civilization. They have been used as an alternative to medicines in ancient times and recommended for aligning the various chakras in the human body.

According to the Vedic Astrology, there are seven chakras located in the human body crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and the root chakra. If any of them is not correctly aligned, it may cause unbalancing of a person’s life. Therefore, using the crystal is one of the best options to balance them significantly.

The science- how can crystal affect us

Science and astrology have their own theories regarding the healing of crystals. Science Says energy is Everything and Everything is energy. You, the pen you are holding, the phone you are holding, the computer you are operating, and the crystal you are wearing all have some vibrating energies.

Albert Einstein’s lines are very famous in science “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

In the universe, Everything has its own unique vibrational frequency. Like the other things, crystals have a super stable energy frequency that doesn’t change because they are made up of a geometric pattern of molecules. So there are a lot of facts behind the energies of the crystals.

Here are the topmost powerful crystals you should include in your life to get spirituality and calming energies.

Moldavite- the stone of transformation

Moldavites are known for transforming a person’s life soothingly because of having powers from stars and other planets; the crystals are the results of the meteorite activity that took place nearly 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic. The bluish green-colored crystal carries the powers to bring soothing energies to its wearer. Wearing the Moldavite jewelry is the best option to heal the crystal’s advantages. It will balance your heart chakra and help you become a good human being by converting kindness, pure soul, and opening your heart to others.

Moonstone- the stone of spirituality

Moonstone stands for love, passion, truth, and affinity to its user. The crystal is recognized for awakening feminine energies and balancing emotions among its healers. The mineral from the feldspar carries powers and attributes of the moon and contains shining rays in itself. Using the Moonstone jewelry while the full moon will allow you to grab the peace of mind, serenity, and calm environment around you. In addition, the moonstone helps balance several feminine hormones in the female’s body that provides relief during pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.

Opal – Queen of the gemstones

Healers have believed Opal is one of the best gemstones for healing purposes for its users; that is why it has been given the tag of the queen of all crystals. Opal stimulates the heart chakra, improving communication skills and solving vocal area problems. In addition, Opal is assigned as an October birthstone, so you can gift the Opal jewelry to your closer if their birthday falls in October. Finally, wearing an Opal ring during meditation or yoga activities will allow you to connect with higher spirituality.

Larimar jewelry- an aquamarine stone

The gemstone from the Caribbean sea represents the energies of the tranquil sea and the sky. Having a bluish-green presence, the crystal is known for soothing the third eye and the crown chakra in the human body. Use the larimar as the raw crystal, or wear the Larimar jewelry to get the Caribbean sea’s cool vibes and positive energies.

Turquoise- the birthstone for December

Turquoise is an ambrosial gemstone known for grounding the soul and mind of the wearer. According to scientific facts, the crystal had formed from meteoroid impacts nearly 26 million years ago. It is a purification stone and balances all the chakras, particularly the throat chakra, which improves our vocal area and enhances our communication skills. In addition, wearing Turquoise jewelry will help you provide a positive atmosphere and dispel negative energies surrounding the wearer.

How to get the most energetic crystals

you can get genuine benefits from these crystals if they are actual, so you should check Everything before buying the crystal, its genuineness, the actual color of the gemstone, and its healing properties. And buying from an authentic place can fulfill your expectations.

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