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Dance Made Easy: Fun and Simple Routines to Try Today

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Dance has become a passion for children to follow as children have become curious to know about the different forms and types of dance. Although, it is still considered an extra co-curricular activity or skill by the parents or the elders. But, in the past few years, it has become a passion for children or youngsters. Because of its growing demand, many organizations started their dance classes to teach children more about dance. Parents feel insecure about their child’s future in dancing or in this field. Because, according to them, there is no stability in the field of dance regarding the future.

So, there are still many parents who don’t allow their children to practice dancing because of this. But, there are still many famous dancers and choreographers in our country who are still very famous across the world because of their incredible moves. Dance often involves movement being taken to an extreme, with, for example, the arms being flung or stretched out, the head lifted back, and the body arched or twisted. To be a perfect dancer, a child must have a perfectly flexible body.


There are still many children and youngsters who follow dance not as a hobby but as their passion and career option, as dance teaches children a lot of things in a very short period. Like the maintaining and balancing of the body, Be concentrated on one place and many more. In the past, few children or kids are showing great interest in the field of dance. And most of the children have become fond of the classical and traditional ones. The traditional form of dancing has a special amount of space in the hearts of the kids because it represents the culture and the history of our society without uttering a single word.

Thus, Aristotle’s statement in Poetics that dance is a rhythmic movement whose purpose is “to represent men’s characters as well as what they do and suffer” refers to the central role that dance played in classical Greek theater, where the chorus through its movements reenacted the themes of the drama during lyric interludes.

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So basically, there are many different patterns. All these patterns are somehow similar to one another at some stage of it. Although, all the patterns have one thing in common, and that is to maintain the posture of the body and to maintain it. To learn dancing in a correct manner, one has to be very focused or concentrated towards the practice. In all the different forms, movement becomes dance through stylization and formal organization, an organization that may be variously determined by an aesthetic idea or by the function of the dancing.

Children have to be very careful and concentrated while practicing the different patterns. Because there are many patterns of dancing which are difficult to learn and the kids have to be dedicated towards it. Suppose they want to learn that art and want to become masters in it. Dance Bollywood is also a famous type of dancing for kids.


How can dance inspire you?

Dance builds self-confidence and independence. It has boosted her confidence, it’s been easier to make friends, she appreciates art in different forms, and she’s motivated and inspired.

Why is dancing happy?

Because when we dance, our brain cells become free from everything. There are hormones, too, which can trigger neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort in the brain.

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