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Who has been Most Dangerous Bowler in IPL History?

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Indian Premium League is consider to be the toughest T20 league in the entire world because the T20 league has players from all parts of the world combined into some of the strongest teams that pose a challenge to the Trophy every year. Ever since the launch of the league in 2008, the league has just progressed more and more and now in its 15th year, the league has 10 teams vouching to be the best T20 team across all the T20 leagues. 

The league has seen some of the most awesome players who have then gone on to be the biggest laurels for their nations. The league has produced some of the most dangerous bowlers in the entire world like Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj and many other names. And this is why there are a lot of people who are curious about the most dangerous bowler in ipl 2023. So, for people who are wondering about the most successful and dangerous bowlers of the league who even batters shy away from facing, we are going to tell you about them here. 

Most Dangerous Bowlers in IPL

Here are the bowlers who have dominated the batsmen through the entire 14 seasons of this star-studded T20 league. 

  1. Lasith Malinga 

Lasith Malinga is definitely the most dangerous ipl bowler and this can be judge by the fact that the bowler is still one of the leading wicket-takers of the league. Famous for this arm-slinging action, the bowler is a very dangerous bowler who has dominated batsmen in his entire career and has been the backbone of the Mumbai Indians bowling attack for a lot of years. The fiery Yorkers of the bowler have damaged the top-order of many teams which has led his side to victory. 

  1. Rashid Khan 

The only spinner on our list, this sensational bowler from Afghanistan is a force to be reckoned with. The bowler is currently one of the most dangerous bowlers in the entire world and not just in the league as he has damaged the batting orders of many teams with his spinning bowls. The economical bowling of the bowler has been a problem for many class batsmen of the world and the stats only add more to the threat that is Rashid Khan. 

  1. Dwayne Bravo 

This Caribbean player is more famous for the dominating batting that he shows in the last few overs of the game however, this does not make his bowling any less as he has won the purple cap in IPL for two seasons and is currently the highest wicket-taker of one season along with another bowler. The all-rounder is a very dangerous bowler in Ipl and this can be determine by his 156 wickets taken in 144 matches. 

  1. Jasprit Bumrah 

We hardly think that the name of Jasprit Bumrah in this list is going to surprise anyone considering the exceptional bowling that he has shown in his career. Jasprit Bumrah is one of the many talents produce by IPL when Mumbai Indians bagged the bowler in the auction and he has proven to the world why he is one of the most destructive bowlers in the entire world who have trashed the wickets of many top batsmen with his on-point Yorkers. 

  1. Andre Russell 

While there are many other bowlers who can be on this list, Andre Russell still tops all of them as he is one of the best death bowlers in the league who can make batting very tough for any team in the death overs of the game. The right-arm bowler can make batting very difficult for any team and has given many crucial spells for his team.

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