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Demand in Canada for Computer Engineers in 2023

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Dreaming of starting your professional career in Canada? Then, you must know there is a high demand in Canada for Computer Engineers. It is one of the rapidly growing sectors and demands highly skilled workers to fill the labor gaps and the need is only growing to increase in the upcoming years. If you are a computer engineer or of a similar profession, this is a golden opportunity to grab and move to Canada.

Working in Canada as a Computer Engineer will introduce you to a supportive work environment, job security comes along with other benefits that come with moving to Canada like free healthcare, free education for kids up to Grade 12, a direct Canada PR, social security, and more.

The increased demand for Computer Engineers also leads to competitive salaries. The salary of a Computer Engineer in Canada ranges from $49,800 to $125,300 per year. That said, the salary can vary according to the location, experience, and specialization, but are usually higher than average.

Computer Engineers who apply for Canada PR Visa from India also get the chance for career advancement and expand their skills and take challenges in popular industries in Canada.

Keep reading to learn more about job roles, titles, duties, and salary prospects for Computer Engineers in Canada.

Job Titles for Computer Engineers in Canada

  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Hardware development engineer
  • Network support engineer
  • Fiber-optic network designer
  • Network infrastructure engineer
  • Hardware circuit board designer
  • Telecommunications hardware engineer
  • Systems designer – hardware
  • Hardware technical architect
  • Network test engineer
  • Wireless communications network engineer

Roles and Responsibilities of Computer Engineers in Canada

Here are the duties of a Computer Engineer in Canada – 

Computer and telecommunications hardware engineers

  • Develop and perform design verification simulations and prototype bench trials of components.
  • Research, create, and integrate computer and telecommunications hardware like semiconductor lasers and integrated circuit boards.
  • Assess user requirements and create system architecture and specifications.
  • Manage, inspect, and provide design assistance during the manufacturing of computer and telecommunications hardware, its installation, and performance.
  • Install and maintain relations with suppliers and clients. 
  • May lead teams of engineers, technicians, and technologists in creating and expanding computer and telecommunications hardware.

Network system and data communication engineers

  • Conduct research, design, and develop an architecture for information and communication system networks.
  • Analyze and perform network systems and data communications hardware and software.
  • Evaluate, record, and optimize the capability and implementation of information and communication system networks.
  • May lead teams of design professionals in the expansion and integration of data and communication system hardware, architecture, and software. 

Requirements for Computer Engineers in Canada

Here are the main requirements to work as a computer engineer in Canada – 

  • A bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics, Electrical or Electronics Engineering, or Computer Science. 
  • A master’s degree or doctoral degree in Computer Engineering or a similar field. 
  • A license given by a province or territory to professional engineers to practice as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)
  • Eligible for registration after graduation from a renowned educational institution, with experience of at least 3 to 4 years in engineering, and must have passed a professional practice examination.

Salary Prospects

Community/AreaLow ($/hour)Median ($/hour)High ($/hour)
British Columbia32.9842.0071.15
New Brunswick29.7135.0050.48
Newfoundland and Labrador29.7135.0050.48
Northwest TerritoriesN/AN/AN/A
Nova Scotia31.2534.6048.08
Prince Edward IslandN/AN/AN/A
Yukon TerritoryN/AN/AN/A

How to find a job as a Computer Engineer in Canada in 2023?

There are new job openings for Computer Engineers in CA, estimated to be a total of 12,300 and it will only grow over the period 2022-2031. About 13,900 new job seekers are expected to fill out the job applications and get a job as an immigrant in Canada under TEER 21311.

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