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Different Games and Activities to play with Pikler Triangle and Ramp!

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The Pikler Triangle and ramp largely focus on your toddler’s physical development in a safe and controlled environment. It gives space to your child for free movement, exploration, and an opportunity to creatively lead their play! Climbing is always fun for children, and the Pikler Triangle is a great climbing toy to get home. Invest in the little playsets for toddlers from and see the different ways your toddlers play with them that lead to various developments too

The golden question-How to Use a Pikler Triangle with your toddler?

Playing on and with the Pikler Triangle and ramp is not as complicated as it may sound to you as a parent. There is no thumb rule or defined way of playing on it. Your child can play with it as they wish and at their own pace. You need to introduce the little playsets for toddlers, and they lead their play thereon.

The age and development of your toddlers define how they play with it; your 6-month-old baby might try to pull themselves up on it, while your 18-month-old toddler might quickly start climbing to the top of the Pikler Triangle.

However, if you have Pikler Triangle and ramp, you can modify the setup to meet your child’s level. Set the ramp up on a lower rung for your younger child, so it will be easier for them to climb, and then you can gradually increase the angle as they grow!

The Pikler Triangle, which was developed by Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, is a great wooden climbing and play structure that supports children in developing their gross motor skills, risk-taking, and cognitive development at their own pace. Indeed the Pikler Triangle and ramp prove to be a versatile toy that is suitable for children aged six months to 5 years old. 

Let’s explore ten games and activities with a Pikler Triangle and ramp!

Game # 1: Make an Obstacle Course

As the name suggests, you need to make an obstacle course by combining various simple pieces of furniture with your Pikler triangle and ramp to build an obstacle course for your toddler. It brings in novelty and challenges for your toddler, leading to improved balance and gross motor skills. You should explore the various little playsets for toddlers available on that comprises various toys and climbing structures as a set!

Game # 2: Make a Tent or cave or reading place

This game is going to be fun for your child! Cover any item in your play sets for toddlers at home, like the Pikler Triangle, with some blankets, and put some pillows too. Your toddler may imagine it to be a tent, cave, or reading nook and lead their play accordingly. In the process, children build their imagination skills too.

Game # 3: Make a Tunnel

In this game, cover the Pikler triangle and ramp with blankets but leave the ends open. You can also use chairs or other elements to build an even longer tunnel. Your child can use a torch to explore the tunnel and feel the excitement!

Game # 4: Make a Theater for a Puppet Show

Your little playsets for toddlers would comprise a ramp, Pikler triangle, dome, arch, and so much more, depending on which one you chose from You need to choose any climbing toy like the Pikler Triangle and cover one side of the rungs with a blanket, leaving the other side open for the stage.

Game # 5: Hang Toys on the Pikler Triangle

You can hang some little toys on the Pikler triangle’s rungs that give your toddler an incentive as they climb up the rungs.

You will discover that your toddler loves climbing up the piker triangle and ramp and bringing down the hanging toys as they come down.

Game # 6: Add a Slide to the Pikler Triangle

The Pikler triangle and ramp is a classic combination to invest in as it serves to be a combination where after climbing up the rungs of the Pikler Triangle, your toddler gets the reward of sliding down.

Game # 7: Add a Ramp to the Pikler Triangle

The Pikler triangle and ramp are great for playing with your toddler. The ramp usually has either horizontal bars or actual rock climbing. Both these options are great fun for your toddler, so choose the option you think your kid might enjoy more.

Why invest in playsets for toddlers from

The Pikler triangle, dome, arch, and ramp all aim at encouraging active, happy, and smart playtime for your child. Hence, bringing home the playsets for toddlers with various climbing toys is a great idea for your child. Let’s look at the various types of playsets for toddlers available on that are a favorite among both parents and educators!

  • Little Pro Set comprises of little climber and a little rocker.
  • Little Pro Set 1 comprises a little climber and a little dome.
  • Little Ninja set comprising little climber, little steps, little surfer, little gymnast, and little rocker.
  • Little Playkour set comprising little climber, little rocker, little surfer, little steps, little dome, and little gymnast.
  • Little starter set comprising little surfer, little gymnast, and little steps.
  • Little learner set comprises little creator set, matchable, stackables, and numbers.
  • Little Games set comprising of little matchables, little astronauts, little stackables, and little numbers.

Safety Tips while using the Pikler Triangle and ramp!

  • Keep an eye on your toddler when they use the Pikler Triangle and ramp.
  • Make sure your child wears proper clothing and socks with a grip.
  • Avoid placing the triangle in direct sunlight, as this can make the wooden parts hot and uncomfortable to touch.

Final Words!

The Pikler triangle and ramp is a fantastic climbing toy that can help support your child’s healthy physical and cognitive development. The foldable Pikler Triangle and the various kinds of playsets for toddlers from are indeed perfect for your toddler up to 6 years of age.

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