Saturday, June 3, 2023

Do Home CCTV Cameras Deter Crime?

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Studies show that areas with CCTV cameras experience less crime than areas without cameras. Homeowners who have installed CCTV cameras say that though crime still happens sometimes, they reported the instances and easily caught the culprits.

Over the years, as technology progresses, CCTV cameras now have more capabilities than before. With the introduction of better types like the wireless camera for home, no crime is going undetected. Here is an overview of how modern CCTV cameras are more suited to crime prevention.

Improved Monitoring and Recording  

Unlike traditional CCTV cameras, these devices have other features, such as live recording. Such features can capture as crimes occur in time, making it easy to report a crime on time. Similarly, CCTV cameras can automatically start a loud siren when you are away from home when you sense a human. They also have crystal-clear vision with night vision, making it possible to see an intruder at night.

Remote Notification

You don’t have to worry anymore if you are away from home. With modern CCTV cameras, you can get notifications on what is happening in your home. Modern cameras such as HomeCam send you an instant real-time notification to help view all the important corners of your house even when you are away and notify relevant authorities in case of any intrusion.

Automatic Alarms

Places with alarms are less attractive for intruders, which helps deter crimes. Modern CCTV cameras for home security have an automatic loud siren when the camera senses any motion or detects humans helping stop the crime from happening and recognizing the intruder.

Noise Detection

After properly closing your house, the only way a burglar will access it is through breaking in. late nights, when all your neighbours are asleep, serves as the best time for criminals.

A wireless camera for the home has a noise detection mechanism that can help to alert you when there is an attempt to break into your home. This mechanism has a presetting where you can customize the noise threshold yourself.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Good Camera

While most cameras can reduce crime, not all can eliminate crime. Some of the factors that you should ensure your camera has if you live in a crime-sensitive area include:

1. Wide field of view – You get an excellent view of all your home space

2. Intruder alarm – This will notify the neighbour in case of intrusion

3. Seamless installation options – You can easily hide them away from the intruder’s sight

4. Camera sharing – You can easily share live videos of what is happening in your home with others

5. Video alerts – Instant video alerts ensure you get critical information as they happen

6. Continuous recording – Non-stop recording cameras make your home safe all day and night

CCTV cameras are becoming a better option for most homeowners because of their seamless abilities and cost-effectiveness. With a proper choice of CCTV, you can make your home the safest place for you and your loved ones.

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