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10 Easy Ways to Get Cash Back & Deals at Best Buy

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Best Buy is your go-to destination for cutting-edge home electronics in every category, from PCs and video games to smart home gadgets. However, electronic goods are almost always accompanied by an exorbitant price tag. When it comes to such heavy expenses, you have to put in sufficient forethought and preparation in order to save money.

Here’s how you can minimize your pocket pinch at Best Buy:

1. Keep an eye out for Best Buy’s lightning Deals

Best Buy’s Flash Deals and discounts are over in a flash, usually in less than 24 hours! Sometimes you’ll have just eight hours, and other times just four, to get your money. Flash Discounts at Best Buy happen at random times and dates throughout the year. However, if you’re within the Return and Exchange period, you can return your goods, and Best Buy will uphold its price match guarantee on your purchases.

2. The Best Buy Price Match

Except for clearance and open-box products, Best Buy will match the price of an item that a customer purchases in-store up to a limit of one thing.

3. Go to the Best Buy Store

Yes, Best Buy does have a web store where you can find sales, open-box, and other discounted products. Brand name products sold at the Best Buy Outlet are warrantied and protected by the store’s Return & Exchange Promise. Also, all clearance, open-box, refurbished, and used items sold through Best Buy’s online outlet have been tested. They are guaranteed to function correctly and are listed online by category.

4. Discounts at Best Buy’s Holiday Sale

The Top Deals section of Best Buy’s website has recently replaced the store’s famous Weekly Ads with a focus on deals and the latest and greatest in consumer technology. The featured consumer electronic goods in Best Buy’s Top Deals range from significant appliances and minor kitchen appliances to screen technologies like computers, tablets, cell phones, and handheld video games.

5- Make the Best Purchase Trade-In

The option of trading in your old devices for Best Buy gift cards is available with their trade-in program. The trade-in program offers a competitive offer based on the age, condition, accessories, and current resale prices. Still, it is only offered in some locations and covers a limited range of some electronics.

Customers can only buy a maximum of three video games, cell phones, and other items with the same design from Best Buy each day. You can exchange your interests in-store or send them via mail.

6. Get a Best Buy Subscription

All you have to do to start reaping the benefits of the My Best Buy membership is to join the program. Every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases earns you points toward rewards and early entry to our big sales with My Best Buy. 

You can modify your membership to suit your requirements, and perks like Student Deals and a My Best Buy Credit Card can boost your rewards points. Free shipping, free in-home consultation, a birthday gift, and more perks are available to users of the My Best Buy Elite program once they accumulate enough reward points.

7 Save Money With Quick In-Store Delivery

You can avoid paying shipping charges altogether by placing an online purchase with Best Buy and picking it up at a nearby store within an hour. The “Store Pickup” option is available during web checkout. Once your purchase is complete, Best Buy will notify you via email.

A third party, a friend or family member, can also collect your order. Besides, you can use their warehouse pickup service if you reside near the Best Buy warehouse.

8. Shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Best Buy’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales make it worthwhile to put off purchasing a new appliance or updating your television or mobile device. In other words, plan by making a schedule and setting aside the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving.

9. Make Use Of The Student Price Perks

Best Buy’s Student Discounts are explicitly designed for students. When you sign up for Student Deals with your My Best Buy account, you’ll receive a welcome package of coupons and discounts. It allows you to access special student discounts on the Members Specials section of your account dashboard. Best Buy’s Student Deals give students special discounts, curbside pickup in an hour, free next-day delivery, and affordable payment plans.

With Student Deals, you can enjoy discounts on electronic devices and essential dorm room appliances such as mini-fridges and coffee machines.

10. Purchase at RebatesMe

Shop at RebatesMe, one of the best Cash Back sites, and get the latest Best Buy promo codes, coupons, deals and discounts. Plus you can earn up to 4% Cash Back from Best Buy. When you download the RebatesMe extension, you’ll be alerted to the latest Cash Back and promo rates, and you’ll get a $10 purchase bonus on your first transaction. So think no more, and embark on your shopping spree at Best Buy without exceeding your budget!

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