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Effective procedure to resolve QuickBooks Error PS038

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QuickBooks is a bookkeeping software business owners use to manage their employees’ payroll. The software accumulates the employee data and ensures the payroll is done timely with the help of paychecks or submission of the amount directly in the employee’s bank account. However, the software might sometimes get affected by random errors during the payroll process. QuickBooks Error PS038 arises in the software while running payroll or downloading the tax table updates. If you are also not able to use the payroll service due to this error, read this blog till the end to find out the reasons this error develops and different ways you can fix it.

A QB support team is always available for your help in troubleshooting; reach them at 1.855.738.2784.

About the error

This error will develop during the payroll process, causing it to stop in between or sometime after receiving the error message. This mostly happens if the software fails to establish a connection with the internet while downloading the payroll update or many previous unsent paychecks are accumulated in ‘Online to send.’ The paychecks are queued one after another if the software fails to deliver them, and you’ll not be able to execute the payroll process till this error is resolved successfully.


The causes for the development of this payroll error are mentioned below-

  1. Many other paychecks you tried to send earlier aren’t sent and are now accumulated in the ‘Online to send.’
  2. The payroll tax table isn’t updated to the latest version.
  3. QuickBooks cannot sustain a stable connection with the internet during the payroll process.

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The method you need to eliminate this error from QuickBooks is given below-

Solution- Find and edit the stuck paychecks that have not been delivered

If the software cannot send paychecks online due to any issues, they get stuck in the ‘Online to send’ section. These stuck paychecks are a significant reason for this error to pop up during the payroll process. Follow the steps given below to fetch unsent paychecks that may be responsible for the issue-

  1. Click on Edit and tap Find.
  2. Under the Advanced tab, in the Choose Filter section, open the Filter list and select Detail level.
  3. Click on Summary only.
  4. Go to the Filter list again, scroll down to find Online Status, and select Online to send.
  5. Click on Find to reveal all the unsent paychecks.

After you find the stuck paychecks, move to the next step: edit the paycheck information and delete them from the ‘Online to send.’

  1. Go to the oldest paycheck in the section and select the Paycheck Detail option.
  2. Hover on the Review paycheck window, and add a new earnings item identical to the previous earnings item under Earnings.
  3. Tap No if a Net pay locked option appears.
  4. Ensure no changes are made to the net pay & tax amounts.
  5. Close the paycheck by clicking Save & close.
  6. Open the paycheck again and select the Paycheck Details option.
  7. Delete the earning item you recently added in the earning section.
  8. Don’t change the tax amounts and tap Ok.
  9. Repeat these steps for all the stuck paychecks one by one.

The error will be resolved after using this method.


This is the end of our blog; we tried to explain everything about QuickBooks Error PS038, along with the reasons for its occurrence and the methods that can be used to fix it; we hope the blog assisted you in successfully removing the error from QuickBooks.
If there are any more issues remaining, get them fixed with the help of a QB expert available at 1.855.738.2784.

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