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Explore the Miraculous and Divine Beauty of Moldavite Stone

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Adored to the “Stone of Transformation”, moldavite is one the rarest, yet highly stupendous and mysterious gemstones you will come across in the gemstone jewelry market. Its exceeding beauty and shimmer will literally leave you awestruck. What tends to be even more beneficial to wear moldavite jewelry, besides cherishing its timeless elegance that speaks and screams out loud, is its divine healing properties that hold the potential to indeed transform your life.

A type of natural glass, the documentation about the early beliefs of moldavite has reinforced the fact that ancient Romanians and Egyptians believed moldavite to have been born from the stars. This mighty and mysterious stone carries within itself powers from all the zodiac signs. From that glittering pair of moldavite earrings to that sizzling moldavite ring that re-define charm and beauty, this fascinating and adorable gem deserves to be in your gemstone jewelry collection.

Let’s delve to know why this auspicious moldavite is indeed an epitome of beauty and transformation. But hang on! First, be excited as we take you through the golden pages of history behind this mystic and mysterious stone of transformation.

The History Behind Moldavite: The Stone of Transformation

As per the evidence, the earliest mention of moldavite dates back to almost 2000-4000 years ago. In the ancient era, prehistoric people had extensively used moldavite to make masked tools. These people hailed from the Austria-Czech Republic. More than for its ornamental value, moldavite was prized for its terrific appearance and healing properties in the ancient and the medieval period

A vitreous silica projectile glass, this marvelous gemstone that has occurred in the lap of nature, belongs to the tektite family. One of the most mystic and astounding properties of moldavite is its magical properties. Goes without saying. These properties work in an effective and excellent manner to purify the heart, mind, and body collectively.

Explore the Marvellous Beauty of Moldavite Jewelry

If your preference while buying styling and sizzling gemstones jewelry is a vibrant surface, then nothing better than trying your hands on moldavite jewelry as its colorful hues are one of its signature beauty traits. You will find some highly alluring and eye-captivating shades of green on the surface of your moldavite stone that could range from brownish green, pale green, deep forest green, and olive green.

Moldavite usually has an amorphous, crystal-clear structure along with a highly vitreous luster. The clarity level in moldavite jewelry can range between being completely transparent to opaque. However, the most alluring and precious moldavite jewelry has a highly transparent surface that is as clear as a shining crystal and emanates an olive-green hue. Such piece of moldavite jewelry, besides being the most precious, also tends to be the rarest of all. So, if you come across such an antique piece in the market, then simply grab it and adorn it with immense pride and elation.

Commonly, moldavites usually have an opaque surface with some slight inclusions that lend a heavenly look to this auspicious and miraculous gemstone.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, moldavite scores a not-so-satisfying score of merely 5.2 out of 10. A not so really hard gemstone, you need to be a bit cautious while handling your moldavite jewelry or else it can suffer serious damage or breakage. Still, it is quite durable and can be passed on to even generations if properly stored and taken care of.

If you want to truly outshine the beauty and glamour of your sizzling and stupendous moldavite jewelry, then nothing better than complimenting it with a clear quartz, black tourmaline, or rose quartz. A highly beautiful and divine combo, it will compel you to flaunt your beauty in all four directions.

The Divine Healing Properties of Moldavite Jewelry

The Stone of Healing

When adorning yourself with 100% authentic and beautiful moldavite jewelry, don’t forget to believe in the divine powers of its immensely magical and miraculous healing properties.

Moldavite jewelry usually has a high vibration and its grounding energy directly connects to the earth chakra in the body. The raging energy of moldavite jewelry that flows through your body can help you discover yourself by connecting to your inner self at the deepest level. The purity of moldavite will drive you toward enlightenment by compelling you to give up external pleasures. Such a divine state will eventually help the mind to cope with past trauma and physical ailments.

The Magical Stone of Meditation

The stone is naturally bestowed by nature to emanate high-intensity meditative energies. For this, it is usually adored worldwide to be a meditative stone that truly lends a mesmerizing and marvelous meditative experience.

A moldavite stone, during meditation, channelizes the energy of the mind to focus on the inner world that lends clarity and peace of mind to the body and soul. It also lets the mind achieve a divine and pacified state that helps the wearer to attain peak levels of consciousness and spirituality. That’s the power of this meditative stone which will redefine the scope of meditation for you.

The Stone that Connects to the Heart Chakra

If you have started feeling a void within yourself that has taken you miles away from experiencing true love and a strong connection with your own self, then its time to put on that exquisite and shimmering piece of a beautiful moldavite pendant that will leave you awe-struck with its beauty and elegance

By having a strong linkage with the heart chakra, it brims your heart with love and affection. Also, it flushes out all the negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, and wrath that restricts you to love and trust other.

The Stone of Transformation

Moldavite is often revered as a transformative stone due to its ability to connect to the crown chakra and access the hidden powers of the third eye chakra. It motivates the mind to achieve unwavering intelligence and intuition. The third eye’s balance also leads to a balanced state of mind because it tends to correct the alignment of all the chakras in the body.

Wrapping Up.

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