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Fertility Treatment – How To Get Started For It

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Usually, you visit a fertility clinic in India to see an expert when your effort to become parents of a baby does not work for you. At the clinic, both of you have a close interaction with a respective doctor and disclose your issues. The doctor asks you for yours and your family members’ medical history, your lifestyle and allied things. After going through the recommended test results, the doctor reveals whether you or your spouse or both of you have issues. And then, the expert suggests the most suitable treatment options. 

As a couple, you can have queries about fertility treatment. So, you should request your doctor to answer your queries before you move to have fertility treatment. You should ask all your queries to get maximum of your consultation with the doctor, educate yourself, and get ready for the treatment. For your information, here are some of your probable queries with the most suitable answers:

Both of us (male and female partners) have fertility issues. What fertility treatments are for us?

As you (a couple) get ready to get fertility treatment, you might be hoping for becoming parents of a child soon. You would be thinking of treatment options and the cost associated with. Keep in mind around 90% of infertile couples conceive just through fertility drugs and surgery. Only 10% of them need to have IVF or allied ART treatments that are usually expensive. The probable fertility treatment options are as follows:

  • Fertility drugs
  • IUI or intrauterine insemination 
  • IVF or in vitro fertilisation 
  • Surgery 
  • ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • Surrogacy if females are medically unfit to carry a pregnancy 
  • Adoption if both of you have untreatable fertility problems 
  • GIFT or ZIFT in very rare cases    

How can we pay for fertility treatment? 

To pay for your fertility treatment, you have numerous options. Here are some possible and suitable options:

  • Insurance policy that covers infertility 
  • A fertility fund that you can create and start depositing a fixed amount every month in it as you decide to treat your infertility 
  • Your savings 
  • Company medical facility that you can avail after talking to the HR or manager, or boss of your company 

What are success rates?  

The success of a fertility treatment depends on several factors such as problem status, lifestyle, age, and previous medical history. Age is the crucial factor. Women usually get pregnant through fertility drugs such as clomiphene within 3-6 months. IUI success rate with fertility drugs is between 10 and 20%. And the success ratio of IVF treatment is as follows:

  • Maternal age below 35 – 46%
  • Women between 35 and 37 – 38%
  • Females between 38 and 40 – 29% 
  • Women of 41 or 42 – 19%
  • Women above 43 – 9%

Around 22% of fertility treatments result in conception and baby birth. The success rate goes up to 46% if a couple use a donor egg or sperm      

Our doctor has mentioned the success rates of fertility treatment. Can we rely on those numbers?

As you start educating yourself on fertility treatment and getting ready for it, you can come across several statistics from people, online resources, or your doctor. The primary thing is that you should focus on conception rate. Further, you should keep in mind that the pregnancy rate is higher in comparison with the rate of live births.

 Keep in mind that the success rate disclosed to you or you come across is national or global rate. It differs at the local level and from one couple to another. To make your treatment successful, you should follow your doctor’s instructions and leave bad habits that are harmful to you and could be to your future child too.  

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