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Find Your Spotify-Pie: Analyse your top Artists and Genres

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Everyone knows about apple pie, cutie pie, and blueberry pie. But have you ever wondered what Spotify pie is?

Spotify pie is an interesting new concept developed by a student at the University of California, Darren Huang, Los Angeles. And hosted using Github. Spotify Pie analyses your song choice and your streaming data and then arranges and organises it into a visually attractive and interactive Spotify pie chart which features all your favourites genre, artists, and songs you had listened to in the past month.

After knowing that much about Spotify pie you must have wondered how one can access it, and do you need to pay extra for that, etc. etc. But don’t worry, you will get to know all about Spotify pie in just a couple of minutes. 


What are Spotify pie charts?


As the pie chart term is used to analyse data as a percentage of the whole i.e. each pie of the circle represents a part of the whole of it. 

The same goes here, Spotify pie charts show you a circle which is cut into slices of a circle or you can say pie. And each pie represents a specific category. And all categories combine to form a whole circle. In that way, you can do a self-analysis of various genres, artists and music. 


How to know about your own Spotify pie?


The answer to this query is so easy. For knowing your Spotify pie, you just need to follow some small steps, which include-


  • Firstly, go to the Spotify pie website and fill in all your Spotify credentials there only. 
  • Then it automatically opens a page which is full of pie charts.
  • That pie chart is broken down into various genre categories.
  • If you scroll or hover over any pie or slice, it will show you the top artist list that will fit into the specific genre category.


Thus a pie chart is formed based on your listening activity of the last month. In this way, you can easily analyse your favourite genres and artists through your music listening preferences.


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Do you know how often your Spotify Pie chart will update?


Generally, daily pie charts are published before 12 pm EST the day after the charting period. But the update criteria for weekly charts are a bit different. 

Weekly charts are seen after the end of the charting week globally. A charting week starts on Friday and ends following Thursday. After that, you can see your weekly charting. 


Is Spotify Pie free or prepaid or postpaid?


You don’t need to pay extra for the Spotify pie. If you have Spotify subscriptions you can directly enrol on it and can enjoy this feature. It is free to use the site for users of Spotify. It helps you to bake the pie of your favourite genre and artists.


Final thoughts


Spotify offers users an innovative tool i.e. Spotify Pie allows them to see their streaming music in the form of a pie chart.

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