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Five Pap Smear Secrets Every Woman Should Know

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So you had a pap smear. Congratulations! Now that you’re done with that, there are some things you should know about pap smears that your doctor may not have told you. Below, we’ve listed five of the most important secrets about pap smears that every woman should know. We also help you know that can urgent care do pap smears.

5 Pap Smear Secrets You Never Know

1. Avoid Intercourse Two Days Before a Pap Smear

Did you know you’re supposed to avoid intercourse a few days before your Pap smear appointment? In all honesty, before getting a Pap, there isn’t much you can do to prepare. However, the North Hills Urgent Care advises not engaging in sexual activity for two days before a Pap examination. That’s because it may alter the cervical mucus and irritate the tissue, making it more difficult to see the cells. Additionally, semen can distort the results of the test. If you’re sexually active, it’s best to schedule your appointment for the morning after your last sexual encounter.

2. Abnormal Results Don’t Always Mean You Have Cancer

Getting your results back can be a bit of a shock if they’re not normal. But it’s important to remember that abnormal doesn’t always mean cancer. Many things can cause abnormal results, and most are nothing to worry about. Abnormal Pap smear results can occur due to atypical cells. They’re not cancerous, but they do need to be monitored. So don’t panic if your results come back abnormal- chances are, they’re just a sign that you need to keep an eye on things, or maybe the test wasn’t done properly.

3. You Should Not Get a Pap Smear Every Year

Think you need to go for a pap smear every year? You don’t. The North Hill Urgent Care recommends that most women get a pap smear every three years unless they have other risk factors that may increase the likelihood of cancer. So to know about can urgent care do pap smears? So you are at the right place. The test may have been done wrong, and the doctor may want to redo the test to get things straight. If you’ve been getting a pap smear every year, it’s time to talk to your doctor about whether that’s necessary. You can safely space out your screenings a little more.

4. Avoid Pap Tests When You Are on Your Periods

It’s important to remember that pap tests should not be done during your period. That’s because menstrual flow can make abnormal findings on the test results more likely. So if your doctor has scheduled your pap test at this time, make sure to reschedule it for another day. Avoid it if possible, but don’t go to extremes to reschedule your pap test. Yes, the test can still be performed by doctors. However, you may need a second round of tests if you need help seeing results due to your period.

5. The Pap Test Is Easy and Stress-Free

Doing a pap test doesn’t have to be stressful. To be honest, it’s a fairly straightforward procedure. It only takes 5 minutes, and you don’t even have to undress. Your doctor or nurse will just need access to your vagina to collect a sample for the test. Your doctor or nurse will gently use a plastic device like a tiny spatula or brush to collect the sample. This tool will sweep cells from your cervix and the vagina walls, smearing them onto a slide to be examined under a microscope in the lab. The process is pretty painless- it might feel like slight discomfort at worst- but it’s over so quickly that you won’t even have time to worry about it.

What Else Don’t You Know About Pap Tests?

Other secrets you might not have known about Pap smears include:

  • Pap smears can detect more than just cervical cancer. They can also detect ovarian cancer and other diseases.
  • You can get a Pap smear at North Hills Urgent Care
  • You don’t need to get a Pap smear every year. Your physician will tell you how often you need one.
  • You should get a Pap smear even if you’re not having sex.
  • You can get a Pap smear even if you’re pregnant.

If you have any queries about getting a pap smear, talk to your doctor or a North Hills Urgent Care provider.

Take a Pap Test at North Hills Urgent Care Clinic

North Hills Urgent Care is dedicated to lowering cancer cases and deaths worldwide. And what better way to find out if you have cervical cancerous cells than to get tested? Here at North Hills Urgent Care Clinic, we offer Pap tests for our patients. Our doctors recommend that women have a Pap smear test every three years starting at age 21. The test is quick and easy, and it could save your life. Furthermore, you do not need to make an appointment to get a Pap smear at our clinic. You can easily walk to the testing location. Join us on our journey to reduce cervical cancer cases and prevent deaths from this killer.

Closing Remarks

Pap smears are an important part of women’s health, yet many don’t know all there is to know about them. Learning the secrets mentioned above that you may not have known may help you better understand the test and its importance. Do you need to know that can urgent care do pap smears? Visit North Hills Urgent Care. Our medical professionals are friendly and have the necessary experience to perform a Pap smear on you. Contact us now!

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