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Five Steps to Essay Writing Success 

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You may believe that your experience in school has taught you how to write well, but writing an essay at the university level is very different. 

Higher scores can result from careful planning since professors appreciate a logical organization that amply reflects your mastery of the subject. 

But it’s not always simple to know where to start and how to proceed with an assignment. Especially if you’ve never had to write at the undergraduate level before and are still getting used to university life.

One of the most typical difficulties for non-native students that they encounter while learning English as a second language is writing. 

You can overcome your fears and strengthen your grasp of the language, but only through practice.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that learning to read and speak English is sufficient without appreciating the importance of being able to write it.

The ability to write in English not only allows you to communicate and express yourself better in today’s globalized world but also gives you more confidence. This improves academic performance and increases professional opportunities.

Rather than avoid learning and availing of academic writing services UK. This article will assist you by highlighting the importance of academic writing and strategies to improve your essay-writing skills.  

Why is IT Important to Improve Your Essay Writing

Essays are a common feature in degree programs. Since essays are the most popular type of written assignment, most students find that doing well on them is crucial to getting excellent scores. 

Which results in the desired degree classification. Students who are pursuing degrees must acquire a variety of sub-skills, including writing, during their degree programs.

The goal of an essay is to demonstrate your understanding, ideas, or viewpoints in answer to a specific essay topic. 

It should also persuade the reader that what you have to say makes sense and can be supported by facts. Essays might concentrate on a specific passage of a work, such as a chapter or a scene. 

They can pose a broad inquiry to get you to consider a character, concept, or theme that runs throughout the whole text.

5 Steps to Achieving Academic Writing Success

1.      Analyze Your Topic: 

Spend some time thoroughly reading the question and dissecting it into its constituent pieces. Read the question aloud, paying close attention to any instructions. 

For instance, what do the phrases “explain,” “discuss,” and “outline” imply in real life? What is being asked by the instructor? 

Essays can take many different forms. A “compare and contrast” essay would adopt a different stance from an analytical or argumentative essay. 

You may determine the topic of your essay by reading the content terms. For instance, the important content terms in “Discuss the Causes of Polio” are “causes” and “polio. 

You’ll get a notion of how to write your essay from the instructional verbs. For instance, there is a significant distinction between explaining and analyzing a concept. 

Find out what you are supposed to do from the question, and use that information to help you write your essay.

2.      Improve Your Vocabulary: 

Developing a proper vocabulary is a crucial component of essay writing. You’ll be able to choose precise terms to advance your writing when you make an effort to increase your vocabulary.

Making a note of new terms in your vocabulary notebook can save you from learning them just to forget about them later. 

By doing this, you may both use it as a reference while writing essays and help yourself remember the definitions of new words. 

Set a goal for yourself to learn 10 new words every day, which you may record in your journal, and work your way up to a larger number of words over time.

3.      Find Reliable Sources: 

It’s crucial to limit your research to stuff that is immediately relevant because there is a wealth of knowledge out there. 

Determine where your knowledge and comprehension are lacking, and then decide where you need further proof. 

Create a list of descriptive keywords for the subject and use them in your searches. Make another mind map after your study is complete. 

Take careful note of the important concepts, facts, and quotations that will aid you in addressing every aspect of the topic. 

Think of organizing these into three or four key topics, only adding the most important details. You must be harsh and eliminate concepts that don’t flow naturally with the theme of your essay.

 4.      Create a Draft: 

When writing essays, the largest error individuals make is merely writing them once. Instead, you should always revise your first draught at least once. 

Take a break from it when you’ve finished writing the first fraught overnight. When you’re ready, review your essay again and consider how you might make it better. 

This may be a simple check to see if your communication is clear. However, you could also see opportunities to support your claims with more proof. 

Your essay will be much stronger if you do this at least once. If you want to make sure your writing is flawless, there is always an opportunity for further redrafting.

5.      Be Clear and Concise: 

Although you might be tempted to dazzle the reader by using complicated metaphors and jargon, none of it ensures “excellent” writing. 

Clarity is one of the most crucial components of good writing. After reading your article, you don’t want the reader to still be perplexed and bewildered. 

Use straightforward language, eliminate using jargon, and illustrate ideas with concrete examples since effective writing always wins. 

To determine what you need to learn to create a workable strategy, analyze, comprehend, and break down the essay topic. You may also create a mental map or list of what you currently know.


By implementing on the steps mentioned will provide you with a better idea of how to manage your essay better. 

Good knowledge and understanding will improve your analytical and deductive skills. This will help you understand the topic, develop a structure, and write in a formal concessive tone. 

However, if you’re finding your essay writing assignment tough you can always hire essay writing help UK. Providing professional work at affordable prices.


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