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From Orchard to Tetra Pack: The Story Of Our Delicious Fruit Juice Blends

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Juicing is the best way to hydrate yourself and is suitable for a healthy life. If you are very conscious about your health, you cut off tea and coffee and drink fresh juices daily. Fruit juices contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber that are good for daily diet. Fibrous fruits are beneficial in reducing constipation, digesting food properly, and adding glow to your skin. Some of the best fruit juice brands deliver tempting fruit juice to your doorstep via a wholesale juice supplier company.

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Juice is an essential beverage in many households’ diets, enjoyed at breakfast or midday as an energy boost or to complement meals. But have you ever considered where your favorite fruit juice comes from and its manufacturing process?

Our fruit juice brand takes great pride in creating delectable juice blends with the highest-grade, all-natural ingredients. From orchard to tetra pack involves care and attention to detail as we produce delicious fruit juice blends to satisfy every palette.

At Afabco, it all begins in the orchards, where we carefully select only the freshest and most flavorful fruits for our juice blends. Our relationships with local farmers who share our commitment to quality are integral in growing delicious fruits for us to blend. Our fruit comes from all around the world – from sunny Florida groves up to lush California orchards to bring you an array of tantalizing tastes you won’t find elsewhere!

Once the fruits have been harvested, they are transported back to our facilities, where they are washed, sorted, and prepared for juicing using state-of-the-art equipment that ensures we capture all their natural flavors and nutrients.

After we extract juice, it undergoes a careful pasteurization process to keep it safe for consumption. Our natural preservatives ensure our juice blends remain delicious without compromising taste or quality.

Once the juice has been pasteurized, it is stored in Tetra Paks, designed to keep it fresh and preserve flavor. Our Tetra Paks are easy to open and carry, making them ideal for on-the-go consumption.

At our fruit juice brand, the journey from the orchard to Tetra Pak is equally essential to its creation. We take great pride in sourcing only premium ingredients and employing expert artisans to craft tailor-made blends for our customers.

Health Benefits of Fruit Juices

Fruit juice is not only delicious and refreshing; it can also offer many health advantages. Below are some notable benefits associated with drinking fruit juice:

Fruit Juice Provides Essential Nutrients and Minerals: Fruit juice is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that support good health, as orange juice is packed with Vitamin C. In contrast, carrot juice boasts high Vitamin A-concentrations. These essential nutrients help boost immunity, support healthy skin conditions, and promote overall wellness.

Helps hydrate the body: Drinking fruit juice can be an excellent way to stay hydrated during hot weather or exercise, replacing lost fluids and electrolytes through sweat. Juice can replenish vital fluids lost through sweat.

Can Assist in Digestion: Many fruits contain high amounts of fiber, making them great foods to help aid in digestion and prevent constipation—juice made from apples, pears, and prunes benefits digestive health.

Fruit juice may help lower the risk of chronic diseases: It is loaded with antioxidants that protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation – processes linked to chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer – so drinking regular servings may lower their risks.


Fruit juices can be integral to a nutritious diet, providing many health advantages. Enjoying them regularly is an easy and delicious way to boost essential vitamins and minerals intake, stay hydrated, assist digestion, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and enhance cognitive function. However, for maximum benefits, fruit juices must be made from whole fruits free from added sugars and preservatives; adding them responsibly into your daily life will support overall well-being and good health.

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