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Gojek Clone App Development – Multiple On-Demand Services On One Platform

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In 2022, multi-service platforms like Gojek Clone App have gained super-hit popularity because of its wide range of services. With this platform, your customers can book more than 82 services with just a few clicks! Think of this app as a combination of Uber, Postmates, Grab, and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest and most popular on-demand services of this app!

Book Multiple On-demand Services

By developing and launching this Gojek-like app, you will be able to offer your customers several services from different genres.  This is one of the biggest unique factors that separate the Gojek-like app from other on-demand services.

On-demand medical services

After the pandemic, people are living in fear of contracting the virus if they step into a crowded place. And that includes hospitals and clinics as well.

Now, people try to avoid visiting the doctor until it seems necessary. Most of them now consult with professionals online, get medicines delivered to their doorstep, book an ambulance, etc. All of this is now possible with the development of the Gojek Clone App!

Some features of this app include online tracking, real-time chatting, checking for the nearest professional on the map, and much more.

Service bidding

Bidding for service is a newly added service on the app. In this service, the customer first needs to post the tasks on the app. Say, a customer wants to get the home painted. Now, they can go on the app and post the task. While posting, they need to mention the service category, address, date & time, and budget.

As soon as the task is posted, service providers from the chosen category will be notified about the posted task. Now, they can choose one of the three options:

  • Accept
  • Reject
  • Make an Offer

If the service provider feels that they’d do the project but at a higher price than the posted amount, they can click on Make an Offer. Similarly, several other professionals can start bidding on the Gojek Clone App!

Once the user and provider reach an agreed value, the user can hire them! The services are delivered in a normal manner.                 

The features available in this service include bidding in real-time, a feedback section, and tracking the progress on the timeline.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Online taxi ride booking

Start booking a taxi ride on the app. Choose a taxi type that suits your needs and fits well in the budget.

The customer first needs to enter the pickup and destination. Immediately, a list of all the taxis will be displayed on the app. Now, the customer can compare the prices of the taxi and easily click Book Now to Later Option.

The Gojek Clone App also offers customers to book a taxi on rental, a car on rent with a chauffeur carpooling, ride-hailing, etc.

Considering the features of this app, it enables customers to share and track their rides, press the SOS button, restrict passenger limits, and add the destination later!

Deliveries from Stores

Doorstep delivery from stores is one of the most highly-demanded services on this app. Here, the customer gets to order stuff online and get doorstep delivery. Moreover, if the customer wants, they can also opt for contactless delivery.

Order food and groceries, medicines, flowers, water bottles, and more without having to step out of their comfort zone.

Futuristic features of this app include eat/stop/shop, facemask verification, wallet-to-wallet transfer, and much more.

On-demand Services

This is no ordinary Gojek clone app development service. The on-demand services enable the customers to book a beautician, massage therapist, car washer, mechanic, dog-walker, etc.

By selecting the service, a list of all the service providers is displayed on the app. Now, based on the proximity, ratings, reviews, experience, photo gallery, etc., customers can choose the service provider.

Moreover, the bill or invoice is generated at the end. There, customers can take a quick scan through all the taxes, surcharges, etc.

The advanced features supporting the delivery of on-demand services in real-time include estimated time of arrival, booking now, or schedule, sign-up with social media credentials, etc.

In Conclusion:

Get started with the Gojek Clone App development ASAP if you want to quickly launch your business and rule this industry!

Take the right step today and get your hands on the best solution! Launch the app in only 1 to 2 weeks.

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