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Gojek Clone Introducing 7 Brand New Components

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Due to the extensive widespread adoption of mobile app technologies during the past ten years, widespread user control has been rapidly transferred. Routine tasks can be easily accomplished in the convenience of your own home with only a few clicks.

Numerous advantages, including the availability of doorstep services, have resulted from the expansion of the smartphone market. Our Gojek Clone App Solution 2023’s Debut Includes 7 Out of the Box Components for Your Online Business. No worries if your business is a fledgling startup or an established organization. Because by incorporating these New Components, you can easily confound your rivals with your success.

The on-demand multi-services market has the potential to grow, therefore now is the perfect time to make investments in this cutting-edge sector. Let’s examine each of these revenue-generating components separately.

Gojek Clone App – 7 Brand New Components

Buy, and Sell Real Estate

This module enables the buyers to promote the sale of their real estate. Residential apartments, villas/Houses, Residential land, Godown/Warehouse, Industrial sheds, Shop-showrooms, Farmhouses, Service apartments, and Industrial buildings are among the ten categories in which users can submit their requirements.

The administrator will sell the buyer a plan package that enables them to submit their property requirements and receive priority in return for more leads. Both free and paid plan packages may be published by the administrator. It will be the very first thing in the “featured” section, allowing for a speedy transaction. As a result, there is no longer a need to pay a broker or intermediary a commission. In this way, the App Admin earns a sizable profit from premium plan packages.
From the Admin page, the app administrator can add as many as 10 dynamic categories.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

Our component is the perfect place to start if your consumers wish to buy, sell, or rent a car/vehicle for a few hours or maybe a few days.
The users can post their car selling and renting requirements under the Free or Paid plan packages. Eliminating the need for the middleman, the component practices transparency and fairness. The users can contact the seller once they have shortlisted the car for further discussion.

The seller will make a sizeable profit from the “Plan Packages” they purchase to highlight their vehicle in the “Featured” category. The module offers 10 different categories of cars for the users to post their requirements. This includes Sedan, Luxury, MUVs, SUVs, Sports cars, Cargo trucks, Hatchbacks, and Convertible. The Admin can replace the 10 categories from the Admin panel as per the changing market preferences.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Generalised Items

The module enables the users to post their requirements for the things they wish to sell or put out on the rent. This includes categories like Electronics, Heavy Machinery, Home furniture, Business equipment, and Lawn & Garden equipment. The Categories in this Component are Adaptive. The Admin Panel in this Section allows the App Owner, to add up to 10 Item Categories.

To increase visibility and be “featured” at the top, users can choose the Paid plan package instead of the Free plan. By doing this, the app owner increases revenue-generating while making a large profit.

On-demand Medical Services

Receiving medical care shouldn’t be difficult. There are many apps related to healthcare that provide on-demand medical services as a result of the epidemic. Our Gojek clone app, however, offers online medical services that are combined with other essential elements. eliminates the requirement for setting up a separate medical app. Your customers can schedule an in-person or clinic appointment, as well as an online video consultation, to receive simultaneous treatment for their condition. The module enables the use of any in-app payment option for online payments.

Additionally, with only a few taps, your consumer may connect with on-demand emergency services, drug delivery, and appointment booking for a veterinarian. For every service rendered, the app owner earns a commission.


Individuals can connect during their commutes using this peer-to-peer carpooling module. Users can register their itineraries with minimal information like date, time, number of open seats, and price per seat. Customers who wish to travel on the same route plans as those of the users who have posted the requirements can send confirmation by making a payment. It not only lowers commuting expenses but also affects other costs like monthly fuel costs and car maintenance.
The App admin will make a commission on every ride confirmation.

Explore nearby businesses

Similar to the Real Time Yellow Pages, your users will have access to information about the establishments/businesses that are currently nearby where they are. For instance, your user can browse through all the establishments listed together with their basic information while traveling by a given place. This component’s categories include places like cafes, nightlife, gyms, shopping, spas, malls, pubs, and salons, to name just a few.

The app administrator can publish either free or premium plan packages for businesses that want to list their businesses on the app. This component’s Categories are open-ended. You can therefore add up to 10 businesses via the Admin Panel in this section as the app’s owner.

Track Your Family/Employees in Real Time

Your users will be able to view the current location of their friends, family members, and coworkers on a Google Map.
Installing the app on your family members’ phones and keeping an eye on their LIVE Locations in Real Time will give you peace of mind that they are traveling safely. To protect their privacy, it also gives family members the option to enable or disable tracking.

The employee’s smartphone must have the app installed. When they are out in the field during business hours, it provides a way to check their LIVE Locations in Real Time. Follow their LIVE Location to make sure they arrive on time, are positioned correctly on the field, and are secure. Depending on their shift or office hours, employees can choose to switch on or off their tracking as needed.

Wrapping Up

Gojek Clone App is one of the most innovative digital products to enter the market in recent years. Fortunately, there is still a tonne of room for new rivals and a tonne of untapped markets for introducing the app with new features.

In this circumstance, it is crucial to make the right decision at the appropriate time. To provide a mobility platform for its clients, a business must decide which tech stack and trends to apply while also keeping up with the multi-service app trends. It makes it easy to give them the best platform for their business thanks to Gojek clone. We are always seeking fresh ways to put its wealth of experience and developing love for technology to use.

They are inspired by the development of innovative technologies and inventive fixes that are changing how we live. So, if you believe that developing a fantastic app is what you need to accomplish in order to expand your business, we are here to support you in realizing your grand plans.

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