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Guide to Explore the Important Features of Cardboard Gift Boxes

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As a retail owner, you must know that good packaging is pivotal in establishing a strong customer relationship. The brands are looking for unique box styles to present their high-value products. Are you looking for effective branded packaging? cardboard gift boxes are an efficient solution to store and display valuable items. Brands can use them for promotional purposes and give-away as well. In the market, you will observe numerous gift boxes manufactured in many materials. But cardboard boxes for gifting are the ultimate way for your retail shop.

You must want to know why cardboard boxes are in high demand. This blog will explore the key components of printed cardboard gift boxes. And how are they advantageous for your business? Let’s give it a read without wasting further time.

Accessibility of Cardboard Gift Boxes in Diverse Shapes and Styles:

It’s a fact that creative and modern packaging always attracts the client’s attention at first glance. So, the main reason for choosing cardboard paper for gift boxes is its flexibility. Cardboard paper is easily accommodated into any custom-made shape and size according to the product’s dimensions. You can outstand the brand’s products on the counter shelves with exclusively designed cardboard gift boxes wholesale. These are a few examples of box styles: two-piece, tuck-front, sleeve packaging, pillow packaging, mailer box, etc. Moreover, you can enhance the gift box’s individuality by adding foam holders, die-cut PVC sheets, etc.

100% Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Cardboard Boxes for Gifting:

Currently, green packaging has become the need of the hour.  Cardboard gift boxes are the most befitting choice for green causes. Like kraft paper, cardboard paper is also environmentally friendly. You can recycle packaging. Moreover, cardboard paper is strong and can tolerate all kinds of storage shocks. So, your breakable and high-priced products become immune to damage.

Printed Cardboard Gift Boxes: Cost-Efficient Option for Brand’s Marketing

Are you spending thousands of dollars on brand marketing? No need to relate it in the future. Unlike kraft, cardboard paper is print-friendly. Thus, you can give a branded touch to cardboard gift boxes for gifting by adding the logo design and promotional slogans. The company’s logo works as the brand’s identity. The unique trademark helps buyers to get about your company’s products on the busy shelves.

Cardboard Boxes with Handles: Easy to Handle and Carry:

As mentioned earlier, cardboard paper is easy to adaptable. So, you can create approachable and handy packaging by applying extra add-ons. Cardboard boxes with handles have gained great popularity. As they are easy to use, deliver, and hold. Moreover, you can uplift the appeal of the product’s packaging by adding ribbons, bows, hemp rope and hang tabs, etc.

Choose ICB: The Maestro in Cardboard Boxes for box Gifting:

Why has our company been ranking at first number? iCustomBoxes is an economical and reliable place to buy premium quality packaging services. We have established the distinguishable position of our company by offering top-notch services. Our team’s dedication and hard work have made us the first choice of clients worldwide. We are experts in creating cardboard gift boxes for retail and personal objectives. Our staff is skilled in its craft and can shape the box in whatever design you need. So, please place your order now to experience our incredible services.

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Can you design gift boxes in any other material except cardboard?

Yes, we can. You can let us know about your specifications. Besides cardboard, we use kraft and rigid boxes for gift packaging.

Can I customize a gable shape cardboard gift box?

Yes, you can. cardboard paper is viable to unbeatable packaging option. So, you can mould it into any shape and layout under your preferences.

Do I have to pay any additional fees or duty charges?

No, there is no need to pay any extra penny except for the actual customization charges.

Do you ship the order to overseas clients?

Of course, we do. We are offering our shipping services in all regions of the globe. The best thing is that we do not have any shipping charges.



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